# Article Title
1 Fitting everything in on the 6th day
2 The Great Dothan Creation/Evolution Debate
3 Christmas and Genesis
4 Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs
5 'Evolution in a Petri dish'?
6 This compass points in the wrong direction
7 An open letter to old-earth creationist, Dr. Fuz Rana
8 Godwit makes record Pacific flight
9 Curved spines and pregnant primates
10 C.S. Lewis and the Great Myth
11 Biblical Archaeology: Year 2007 in review
12 How can you survive and thrive at college and university
13 Can't see the Flood for the sediment
14 Oldest tuberculosis claim
15 Hadrosaur hi-jinx
16 Noah’s comet?
17 Hibernation, Migration and the Ark
18 Taylor Head, Nova Scotia
19 A great way to spread the news
20 You bet there’s an impact
21 CSI … and CMI
22 Christians, planning your next retreat? How about an advance instead?
23 Is Genesis poetry / figurative, a theological argument (polemic) and thus not history?
24 Believe it or not—the earth is young!
25 Inside the mind of a killer
26 'Plugging the back door'
27 The media spin on the creationists
28 Even a tiny virus has a powerful mini-motor
29 Al Gore's inconvenient errors
30 The early chapters of Genesis and evolution
31 Accelerated nuclear decay extinguishes 'extinct nuclides' argument
32 Correcting the headlines: Promiscuity is NOT in our genes
33 The naturalistic attack on the Virginal Conception and Resurrection
34 Massive graveyard of parrot-beaked dinosaurs in Mongolia
35 Beware the bubbles burst
36 Answering life's big questions
37 Appendix a bacterial 'safe house'
38 A gorge in three days!
39 Natural Selection: Superpower? ... or Kryptonite!
40 UK Government petitioned over origins teaching in schools
41 Godless girls' god
42 Genocide, evolution and the Bible
43 'Jurassic Park' feathers?
44 Footprint fiasco
45 Cats from Shinar, not Egypt
46 Building blocks ... or stumbling blocks?
47 Good design in miniature
48 Alex, the talking grey parrot, dies
49 Plucking the dinobird
50 A 'wrongful birth'?
51 Disconnected from reality
52 More 'Sleeping Beauty' bacteria
53 Homo habilis hacked from the family tree
54 Galloping giants
55 Loving the Bible too much?
56 Riddle me this...!
57 Submarines with fish fins?
58 Lunar eclipse, loony offerings
59 Wild, wild floods!
60 The slow rise of dinosaurs
61 The 'artificial life' deception
62 The good, the bad and the evolutionary
63 An eye for detail
64 A Christian response to radiometric dating
65 Meta-information
66 Another evolutionary 'truth' now conceded to be myth
67 Web access now available to Journal of Creation
68 The 'Great Global Warming Swindle' debate
69 New archaeological find affirms Old Testament historicity
70 A new age of quantum madness
71 Who wants to be a millionaire?
72 Theological colleges: on 'the slippery slope'?
73 Is Richard Dawkins weakening?
74 Communism and Capitalism both fear Creationism
75 Brilliant brittlestars
76 Loch Ness 'monster' caught on video?
77 Glacier Girl on a mission
78 Beaded ornaments challenge 'progressive creationists'
79 Evan vs Noah
80 Water inside fire
81 Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors
82 Correcting the headline: 'Coelacanth', yes; 'ancient', no
83 Warm-climate penguins
84 For whom the (alarm) bells toll?
85 National emergency in Australia
86 Astonishing DNA complexity update
87 Big birdosaur blues
88 Putting chimpanzees, 'hominids', and humans in their proper place
89 An open letter to the editors of Nature
90 Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered
91 Tall tales in the trees
92 Australia's drought exposes 'drowned town'
93 Who gets the kidney—and lives?
94 Darwinian thought police strike again
95 Amazing discovery: Bird wing has 'leading edge' technology
96 Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood
97 How do I do my assignment about evolution?
98 Making a man out of a chimp
99 Feathery flight of fancy
100 Decoding the dogma of DNA similarity
101 Losing faith: how secular scholarship affects scholars
102 Letter to an atheist: A birdbox and a tree
103 CMI Building Fund finished: praise the Lord! (moved)
104 CMI Building Fund finished: praise the Lord!
105 Occam’s Razor and creation/evolution
106 What really happened at Roswell?
107 Hosing down the hype
108 Darwin and eugenics
109 No more love for Lucy?
110 Bunchberry bang!
111 'Out of Africa' theory going out of style?
112 Genesis the seedbed of all Christian doctrine
113 Is this your first time?
114 Did dinosaurs really rule the earth?
115 Squishosaur scepticism squashed
116 Chemists in stew about intelligent design
117 C.S. Lewis and evolution
118 Going batty over evolution
119 If only the church could name the enemy ...
120 Was my salvation unimportant to you?
121 The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Another 'Titanic' Disaster
122 The poisoning of Litvinenko's body--and mind
123 Helping the needy—with Creation?
124 Kid Con
125 Can we believe the Gospels?
126 Easter's earliest creed
127 Amazing Grace, the film: Wilberforce v. Slavery
128 Clash over origins
129 Global warming might become an 'alien agenda'
130 Dinosaurs, humans and the fossil record
131 'Feathered' dinosaurs and other fossils from Liaoning, China
132 Primates spearing primates
133 Observations of 'evolution' point to an ingenious Designer
134 'Evolution in action' or 'Evolution inaction'?
135 Lizard losers (and winners)
136 Turkana Boy: getting past the propaganda
137 Standing up to evolution in Russia
138 Anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce: Christian hero
139 Are you stardust?
140 Human Beings Caged For Public Display At Adelaide Zoo
141 Titanic terror bird
142 New study claims Hobbit was a new species
143 Anglican church challenges evolution
144 Parrot prodigy
145 Atheist with a mission (critique of Dawkins' "God Delusion")
146 Petrified wood: fast or slow?
147 Practical Pouches
148 Planets and migrating theories
149 Playwright just plain wrong
150 Darkness at the crucifixion: metaphor or real history?
151 Hofmeyr man—another African 'missing link'?
152 The evolution of Pokémon
153 Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match?
154 No-brainer for whales
155 Melbourne Atheist: The Exterminator
156 Abortion: an indispensable right or violence against women? [sex selection, aborting girls]
157 Jesus Fish/Darwin Fish
158 Dracorex: the dinosaur that looks like a dragon
159 Rivers, rocks and ... Shakespeare
160 New campaign to censor different view of Grand Canyon
161 Where are the emperor's clothes?
162 The giraffe's neck: icon of evolution or icon of creation?
163 Global warming climate change what is the creationist view
164 In leaps and bounds
165 Debates
166 Could Jesus' body have been stolen before the guards arrived?
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