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A great birthday gift

(I could not find the proper category to send a thank you note, so I chose this one.)

I cannot thank you enough for publishing Ussher's Annals of The World (which my husband gave me as a birthday gift last month). We have homeschooled for 16 years and are currently sudying Ancient Civilizations and the Bible (using Diana Waring's study guide). It has been so frustrating to try to make a timeline! I have asked so many seminary students and pastors to recommend a timeline of some sort to me, with no success. It seems to me that this book is literally the answer to my prayers. Your timing cannot be a coincidence (though this big world does not revolve around me and my family)!

Our son's Sunday school class is about half way through their 2 year study of "It All Begins in Genesis." I am pleased to report that he voluntarily told us that he enjoys this course! He often shares details at lunch on Sundays.

We have used many of your DVDs and videos, as well as many of your books (Dinosaurs By Design this year, The Young Earth alst year).

Thank you for serving our faithful God! Answers In Genesis is a blessing to our family.

Darlene Catlett


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