‘Back to the Beginning’ regional speaking tours in the UK and Europe

Throughout 2014, we are focussed on pointing people—both Christians and non-believers—back to the beginning (the history in Genesis 1–11). Our mission with these ‘B2B’ meetings is to reaffirm Christianity’s vital foundations in Genesis, in a manner that is both accessible to ‘beginners’ and feeds and stretches the ‘seasoned creationist’.

The scheduled B2B tours cover every part of the UK and there will be B2B tours in other European countries as well. Our speakers are each bringing a new talk, aiming to teach chronologically through the Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and Babel, with the following goals in mind:

  • uncompromisingly to affirm the importance of these ‘beginnings’;
  • to connect these Genesis way-markers to fascinating, up-to-date scientific facts;
  • to present the material at a level that lay-people can readily understand;
  • to excite people with the message’s relevance and leave them hungry to explore further.

Jesus Christ is unashamedly our raison d’être. He and His Word (the Bible) are the Truth in this world, without which nothing really makes any sense, and human existence would ultimately be futile. It’s our conviction that the Bible is still completely authoritative in the 21st Century—and that numerous fascinating scientific facts and discoveries give powerful testimony to its total reliability.

Our speakers will be Dominic Statham (DS) and Philip Bell (PB). Full schedules for each of these tours are available on our main Ministry Events Calendar.

B2B Tours in the UK

5–9 February North of England (DS)
27 February–3 March South-West of England (DS)
28 March–7 April Scotland (including Western Isles) (PB)
29 April–2 May London Area (DS)
5–9 June East of England—Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire (PB)
19–22 June Southern Counties—Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire & Dorset (PB)
24–28 September Welsh and Border Counties (DS)
9–13 October Central England (PB)
15–19 October Southern Scotland and Borders (DS)
13–17 November South East England—Surrey, Kent, East and West Sussex (DS)
20–26 November Northern Ireland (PB)

B2B Tours elsewhere in Europe

14–24 March Paris, The Netherlands & Luxembourg with Philip Bell
22–31 October Italy with Philip Bell
1–2 November France with Philip Bell
31 October–7 November Spain and Gibraltar (UK) with Dominic Statham

To book a B2B event on one of these tours (assuming availability of dates), please contact our Ministry Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us your details here.

Please use these meetings to your advantage—advertise them among your circle of friends and acquaintances and bring them along!

An extensive range of creation resources (books, DVDs and magazines) will be available at all these B2B special meetings.

The ‘new atheists’ claim that Christianity doesn’t have answers to evolution. This site begs to differ, with over 8,000 fully searchable articles—many of them science-based. Help us keep refuting the skeptics. Support this site

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