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Editor’s note: Following a critical letter and a response (see Wile, J.L., C.S. Lewis: creationist and anti-evolutionist? Reply: Bergman, J., J. Creation 29(1): 58–63, 2015) the following article has been withdrawn by the editors: Bergman, J., C.S. Lewis: creationist and anti-evolutionist, J. Creation 23(3): 110–115, 2009.

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Readers’ comments
Norma B., Canada, 3 December 2012

Thank you for this article. I had just read 'The Problem with Pain' by CS Lewis and there are a few references to theistic evolution type statements or thinking, which caused me to stop and be concerned. I am grateful that I can now enjoy more of his writings knowing that he, indeed, did come to a fuller understanding of creation science. I would not appreciate someone judging me by my past, therefore I will not judge CS Lewis by his past either. What has been repented of is now under the blood of Jesus Christ and for that we can be eternally grateful and move forward in truth and life. Thank you again for this article. Mrs. B

Terence T., South Africa

I have always loved reading C.S. Lewis and I loved this article. Thank you Jerry.

Sue K., New Zealand

Great to be reminded that even the finest minds must, in humility, continue to consider and possibly adjust their attitudes and intellectual positions in the light of God’s Word. Excellent article.

David S., Australia

As a longtime fan of C S Lewis I was delighted to read this summary of his views. How far-sighted and wise this man was we are only now being able to recognise him as one of God’s gifts to the 20th century and beyond. His logis is brilliant. Thankyou for producing this article.

Ivan S., United Kingdom

A quite excellent article. But do we know whether Lewis endorsed a belief in a 6-day creation 6000 years ago, or whether he thought that the universe and life were very much older?

CMI responds

It is unlikely he endorsed biblical creation by his death. Nevertheless, he does appear to have been moving in the right direction. For most of his Christian life, he was very hesitant to speak out against evolution because biology was not his expertise. It is quite likely he would’ve thought in a similar vein regarding geology and old ages, but he may never have been confronted with it either. It is difficult to know because he never really spoke on it.

Andrew W., Canada

I found Lewis’s comment about how the “Myth” captures the imagination very interesting. In light of his personal fascination with the myths of the “Norsemen”, that is a high compliment. It reminds me of one of the interviewees in Ben Stein’s ‘Expelled’ whose main objection to special creation seemed to be how insufferably ‘boring’ it is compared to evolution. At very least, it is motivation for us to ask ourselves what it is about Creation that has so excited us, which I think is its Creator.

Luke W., New Zealand

I agree with this article. I have read, reread, and reread a vast amount of Lewis’ material, including essays, fiction, and apologetics, and can confirm that this article’s portrayal of him is accurate. Even when using long-age, cavemen assumptions, as can be seen clearly in his early book The Four Loves, for example, he was vehemently against naturalism. And as this article says, his anti-evolution stance became increasingly consistent and increasingly important to him. His essay “The Funeral of a Great Myth” is a good example of this stance. He notes that Keats’ glorying in some kind of upward march of Nature-with-a-capital-N came decades before the Origin of Species. “‘Tis the eternal law/that first in beauty must be first in might” say the fading generation mournfully in Keats’ Hyperion. Popular Darwinism, he says, was welcome to a society whose imagination was already captured by this kind of thing.

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