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“Created in the very image of God”

The evolutionary world-view requires that human life is indistinguishable from animals—or even plants—in terms of value. Hence the pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia subversion in the media and state schools.

I have friends who are medically unable to conceive: to them it is the ultimate insult for another woman to discard (murder?) her own baby because it is inconvenient.

As you correctly point out on your site(I paraphrase), a foetus has fewer rights than a laboratory rat—though their potential is limited only by universal constraints on mankind, being created in the very image of God. The cynical hypocrisy of militant ’pro-choicers’ who are simultaneously animal rights activists is incredible—I wonder how many are aware of the irony.

This wholesale massacre of innocent children now dwarfs even the holocaust in terms of scale (though perhaps not evil intent). I fully support AiG’s stance on this issue. With overwhelming evidence that mothers having abortions suffer far greater trauma than those keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption, clearly Answers In Genesis has true compassion for both mother and child.

I would like to see AiG publish further articles to promote this highly significant issue. God bless you and the work you do!


South Yorkshire, England


They say the Bible has been proven wrong by science. Whoever said that hasn’t been to Please give so we can give … information that leads people to Christ our Savior. Support this site

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