Table of Contents

Index of Creation Answers Book chapters

Lesson 1

Does God exist?
(Chapter 1)

Lesson 2

Did God really take six days?
(Chapter 2)

Lesson 3

What about the ‘gap theory’?
(Chapter 3)

Lesson 4

What about carbon dating?
(Chapter 4)

Lesson 5

How can we see distant stars in a young universe?
(Chapter 5)

Lesson 6

How did bad things come about?
(Chapter 6)

Lesson 7

What about arguments for evolution?
(Chapter 7)

Lesson 8

Who was Cain’s wife?
(Chapter 8)

Lesson 9

Were the Nephilim extraterrestrials?
(Chapter 9)

Lesson 10

Was Noah’s Flood global?
(Chapter 10)

Lesson 11

What about continental drift?
(Chapter 11)

Lesson 12

Noah’s Flood-what about all that water?
(Chapter 12)

Lesson 13

How did the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?
(Chapter 13 &
Chapter 14)

Lesson 14

Where are all the human fossils?
(Chapter 15)

Lesson 15

What about the Ice Age?
(Chapter 16)

Lesson 16

How did animals get to Australia?
(Chapter 17)

Lesson 17

How did all the different ‘races’ arise?
(Chapter 18)

Lesson 18

What happened to the dinosaurs?
(Chapter 19)
The Creation Answers Book
The Creation Answers Book

Study guide

Creation Answers Book

by Dr Don Batten (editor), Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, and Dr Carl Wieland

Lesson 7
What about arguments for evolution?


The Answers Book, Chapter 7


Similarities (pp. 113-117)

Discussion questions

  1. Define ‘morphology’.
  2. In what ways are humans different from animals? (See also Differences between humans and animals, and Man in the image of God.)
  3. How would you respond to a teacher who claimed, ‘Humans and chimps are 97% similar in their DNA?’
  4. How should similarity in organisms be viewed from a Biblical and logical perspective? (See also Human/chimp DNA similarity: Evidence for evolutionary relationship?)


Embryonic Recapitulation (pp. 117-122)

Discussion questions

  1. What is ‘embryonic recapitulation’? (See also Rejected argument 1: Similarities between embryos)
  2. How has this idea been used to justify abortion?
  3. What was ‘Haeckel’s fraud’? (See also Ernst Haeckel: Evangelist for Evolution and Apostle of Deceit, and Embryonic Fraud Rediscovered.)
  4. Check with a local Crisis Pregnancy Center (if available) for a video on the embryonic development of a baby, or actual pictures of human embryos. Draw pictures of how the baby looks at various stages. See also Fearfully & Wonderfully Made (DVD).
  5. What do a baby’s ‘throat pouches’ eventually become? (See also Q&A?
  6. Describe von Baer’s laws. How do these principles point toward an intelligent designer?


Vestigial Organs (pp. 122-126)

See also: ‘Vestigial’ Organs are fully functional and Q&A: ‘Vestigial’ Organs

Discussion questions

  1. Define ‘vestigial’.
  2. Write an essay answering the question: ‘Vestigial’ Organs: Are they evidence for evolution?
  3. Check your local school or public library for information on the human appendix. Write a paper summarizing your findings.


Transitional Fossils (pp. 126-128)

Discussion questions

  1. List and describe the various alleged ‘ape men.’ (See also Q&A: Anthropology.)
  2. What should our attitude be toward announcements of new ‘missing links’? See:
  3. The so-called ‘horse-evolution’ series is often touted as proof of evolution. What does the evidence actually reveal? (See The Non-evolution of the horse: Special creation or evolved rock badger? .)
  4. Whales are thought, by evolutionists, to have evolved from land-dwelling creatures. How is the evidence best interpreted? (See Does the fossil record of whales show that they evolved from land mammals?)
  5. Write an essay discussing the alleged evidence for dinosaur-bird evolution.(See Did birds really evolve from dinosaurs?)

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