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Creation Magazine Volume 7 Issue 2 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 7, Issue 2

Creation magazine

Volume 7, Issue 2
Published October 1984
50 pages

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1 –21 Special Insert
2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
6 –11 What happened to the dinosaurs?
by Ken Ham
12 –13 The Biami legends of creation and Noah’s Flood
14 Nom
15 Writing for Ex Nihilo
16 –17 Who invented it first?
by Jerry Bergman
18 –19 Teaching Vacancies
20 –21 From the reviewers—The Bethel Course
by Rev. Richard Pike
22 Who Said It?
by Prof. James Barr
22 Evolution conflicts
Quotable Quote
24 Teaching Vacancies
25 Mt Ararat—Australia1
26 –27 Letters to the Editor
28 The evidence of design
by Rev. Keith Mayers

Long before this site existed, many millions searched on the word “creation”. When they do that now they will get to know this site exists and read the evidence that God is Creator. Help reach millions. Support this site

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