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Creation Magazine Volume 7 Issue 4 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 7, Issue 4

Creation magazine

Volume 7, Issue 4
Published June 1985
49 pages

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2 A tribute
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News
6 –12 Searching for Noah's ark
13 A lily a day
14 –17 Is there a new way out?
by Dr Gary Parker
20 New (hybrid) species
20 Snail tale
21 –23 The Creator
by Charles Taylor Ph.D
24 The tree of life
Question Box
25 –29 The gap theory
by Ken Ham
30 –31 A closer look at Genesis 1:1-2
by Rev. W.P. Gadsby, B.Sc., B.D.
32 –33 British Christendom
by Rev. D W Hardgrave B.D., Dip Theol., Dip. R.E. and Effie Munday
34 –35 The Mormon creation according to Joseph Smith
36 –37 Letters to the editor
38 –39 Creation science news
Focus News
42 –48 The religious nature of evolution theory and its attack on Christianity
by John G. Leslie, Ph.D. and Charles K. Pallaghy, Ph.D.

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