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Creation Magazine Volume 9 Issue 3 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 9, Issue 3

Creation magazine

Volume 9, Issue 3
Published June 1987
52 pages

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1 Contributors
2 Editorial
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
6 –8 The World of bats
by Brian Grantham-Hill
8 Why tigers have stripes
Did You Know?
9 –12 Pioneer of creation
12 Book review: The Early Earth
Book Review by Carl Wieland
13 –14 High cost of evolution
by Prof. John Rendle-Short
14 Newton's book: A Scientific Masterpiece
15 –18 Has continental drift been measured?
by Carl Wieland and Andrew Snelling
18 Tuatara
Did You Know?
18 Who Said It?
19 Creation without Genesis
20 –22 Genesis and evolution don't mix!—Part 3
by Ken Ham
22 Quotable Quotes
Quotable Quote
23 –28 Dinosaur mania and our children
by Paul S. Taylor
30 –31 Creation Science News
32 –36 Age of the Earth and Biblical chronology
by David K. Down
37 Lights in the sky
by Pat Lublink
38 –41 Jonah and the naturally occurring whale
by Chris A. Foreman
43 –46 Descent of man—Part 3
by D. James Kennedy
48 –49 Evolution of Thought
52 Who Said It?—answer
52 Why do males have nipples?
Question Box

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