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Do monkeys play football? (9:59)

Do monkeys play football?
Even in so called 'advanced' countries, racist attitudes are still commonplace. News reports discussing this phenomenon often assume evolutionary beliefs without pointing out the connection clearly. Richard and Calvin discuss the roots of much of the racist attitudes seen…

Raising Godly Children (10:00)

Raising Godly Children
In this Creation magazine interview, homeschooling parents Paul and Gena Suarez talk about their background and why they started The Old Schoolhouse magazine. They share their passion to help homeschooling families network with each other and thoughts on raising godly…

Surtsey still surprises (9:59)

Surtsey still surprises
Great minds of the past had no difficulty with the concept of a young earth shaped and reshaped by catastrophic forces, especially the upheavals associated with Noah's Flood. Today, we have been so thoroughly saturated with the 'slow and gradual' philosophy that when we look…

Mars—The red planet (10:00)

Mars—The red planet
Mars is an inhospitable, cold, dry world. Yet there is good evidence that it had huge flooding. Since Mars is not that much further from the sun than Earth, and is freezing, it shows how finely God tuned the earth's orbit to support life. Main article: From Creation magazine…

How dating methods work (10:00)

How dating methods work
Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss an article from Geologist Tas Walker that gives a simple example about how to understand how carbon and radioisotope dating methods work in practice. Radiometric dating is often used to convince people about long ages that conflict…

Pulsating plants (10:00)

Pulsating plants
Each new discovery about the complexity of plants amazes researchers. This episode discusses plant root growth that occurs in pulses in a "complicated ballet" with other processes. Such a complex dance needs a master choreographer—the Creator God. Main article: From Creation…

With no apology! An interview with Christian apologist, Pastor Joe Boot (9:59)

With no apology! An interview with Christian apologist, Pastor Joe Boot
Joe Boot is an apologist, educator, author and senior pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto, the President of Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the former Executive Director of Ravi Zacharias International…

Treasures of snow (10:00)

Treasures of snow
Does the formation of the highly ordered structure of snowflakes suggest that complex life could evolve from simple chemicals? Main article: From Creation magazine 32(2) Treasures of snow For amazing pictures of snowflakes see:…

Galileo Quadricentennial Myth vs fact (10:00)

Galileo Quadricentennial Myth vs fact
Atheists have long used Galileo as a story of "science versus religion" to show people that the Bible should not be considered a guide in scientific matters. Even many Christians see this as a reason why we should accept evolutionary conclusions rather than…

Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth (Steve Austin Interview) (10:00)

Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth (Steve Austin Interview)
Geologist Dr Steve Austin is responsible for making great advancements in creationist geology. This episode features an interview with Dr Austin from Creation magazine. His research into geological catastrophism (over…

Can't drink milk? You're "normal"! (9:57)

Can't drink milk? You're "normal"!
In this episode Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss the concept of genetic mutation in relation to lactose intolerance. Recent studies determined lactose intolerance is 'normal' and those that aren't are actually carriers of a mutated gene. However, this…

Dinosaur Protein Denial (10:00)

Dinosaur Protein Denial
In this episode Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss amino acids (constituents of proteins) found in both hadrosaur skin and a claw, and how evolutionists would have charged "contamination" if actual proteins had been found. However, dinosaur protein has been found in a…

Are fossils ever found in the wrong place? (10:00)

Are fossils ever found in the wrong place?
In this episode Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss common misconceptions about the geologic column and the fossils it contains. Many people remember being taught that the fossil record shows a progression of evolution over millions of years, with a…

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