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Did God really mean day?

Feedback 5 August 2002 Positive

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Young Age Evidence!

I have been to a few seminars with Ken Ham, read 4–5 books and as many audio cassetts. I have also read a few books and tapes by Henry Morris and my favorite book, The Young Earth by John Morris. I love the ministry, thanks a million!

First let me explain me. I grew up, without knowing the term, a supporter of Theistic Evolution. I battled firecely for it against those crazy creationists. For the majority of my life, the ONLY reply I ever got to my debates was creation was right because God said and all the evidence I had and had been taught was wrong because the Bible said.

Tired of this, I decided to start researching my facts so I could once and for all, quiet those around me who supported literal creation. That's when my house of cards fell and I found out there wasn't any real evidence that didnt have a better explanation elsewhere. Now I battle even more strongly for literal creation ad a literal Bible.

Having said that, in all my studies one thing has been missing. One argument it seems I have only heard myself make. When people read Genesis and then still try to fit millions of years into it, what they are saying is “did God really mean day?” Not only here, but throughout the Bible they do this. Whenever a person decides the Bible can't really mean what it says and has to mean something else, They are simply saying, “God didn't really mean that, what he meant was ...”

My point is this, we have heard that before: Genesis 3:1–5. “Did God really say” was Satan's first lie to Eve! It was a lie then and he is using the same lie now. Satan hasn't changed a bit because he doesn't need to; we still fall for the same lie.

You guys are awesome. But I'd love to hear this pointed out to people more often. Their doubts and rejection of the truth come from Satan's original lie to Eve.

Bless ... ArtS

Editors’ note: Art is right—those who add millions or billions of years of Earth history to the Biblical record are basically questioning what God said He did. The following articles explain various aspects of this in more detail:

See also our Q&A page on refuting creation compromises.

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