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Evolution's Achilles' Heels (DVD)
by Various Ph.D. Scientists

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The Ecology Book + Bugs pack
by Tom Hennigan, Jean Lightner, Will Zinke

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Image of God + Raging Waters pack
by David Aikman

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COSMOS: Created & Young! DVD
by Dr Russell Humphreys

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Dr. Jack Cuozzo on 700 Club!

Dr Jack Cuozzo, a guest speaker for Answers in Genesis, and author of the fascinating book on so-called "Neanderthal Man" called Buried Alive, is scheduled to be interviewed on two TV programs of the "700 Club" October 6-7. On this nationwide broadcast, Dr. Cuozzo, an orthodontist, will reveal that an examination of Neanderthal Man's teeth and skull reveals that he is not a link between modern man and ape-like ancestors. All the "missing links" are still--and will remain--missing.

Dr. Cuozzo will be a guest speaker with Ken Ham at a major seminar in Steubenville, Ohio, November 12-13, at the St. John Arena. The seminar info. line (toll-free) is 1-877-723-7055.


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