Licence fees for public screenings for the DVD of Evolution's Achilles' Heels

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We will contact you to confirm details, collect payment, and then e-mail your screening licence. The licence fee includes a standard definition version of the DVD that will be mailed to you.

Please note that private/home use of the DVD Evolution's Achilles' Heels requires no licence fee. Public showings (in churches, for example) do require a separate licence. CMI will waive the licence fee in certain circumstances, for example, various overseas missionary programs, or if combined with a CMI speaking event. (In Australia or Singapore, the waiver applies also if the film is introduced/hosted by a volunteer Friends of CMI group who would also bring along a resource display to equip believers.)

A church's normal membership/average attendance for its main service is used as a guide for the licence fee as follows:

Country0–200 people201–1,0001,001+
New Zealand$100$200$300
South AfricaR500R1000R1500
Rest of the world
(contact US office)

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