Homeschool Corner

Please note that while this area of the site was originally designed with homeschooling families in mind, and occasionally content will reflect this emphasis, our goal is to encourage and equip all families to be involved in the children's education, regardless of whether public school, Christian school, or homeschooling is the right educational decision for their family. Even if you do not homeschool, the resources here will help you to educate your children, and help them to think correctly and biblically when confronted with the ideology of evolutionism and humanism.


# Article Title
1 Show and Tell
2 Surviving the Long Haul of Homeschooling hsc
3 Do Not Grow Weary hsc
4 Inspirational Quotations From Across Time and Cultures
5 Wake Up With Gloves On
6 Famous Last (Homeschool) Words
7 The Ordinary Homeschooler
8 Relaxed Homeschooling: An Interview With Dr. Mary Hood
9 Teaching Multiple Grade Levels
10 Considering Homeschooling? Fear Not!
11 What I Learned in School
12 Goforth to China, With Love
13 Education in America: Homeschooling on the Rise
14 10 Reasons Why We Homeschool
15 To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool: Life in the Trenches
16 Educating by Faith, Not Fear
17 Humor: A Powerful Communication Tool
18 How to Listen So People Will Hear You
19 Communicating Awareness for Safety
20 ABCs of Effective Communication
21 Top 10 Reasons to Learn Communication Skills
22 Jessie Wise: Answers from a Veteran Homeschooler
23 Weaving a Beautiful Tapestry of Learning
24 Ten Things I’ve Learned … in Ten Years of Homeschooling
25 Your Children ARE Learning!
26 Dealing with 'Negative Nellie'
27 Intentional Parenting
28 Measuring Up
29 Finding Rest
30 Am I Really Supposed to be Homeschooling?
31 Grace and the Homeschool
32 Homeschool Advocacy
33 Encouraging Single-Parent Home Educators
34 Freedom to Grow in an Environment of Grace
35 Zaccheus
36 Who’s Driving the School Bus Anyway?
37 We Need Each Other
38 Thankful for Other Homeschoolers … a Time to Reminisce …
39 Unschooling: Education Outside the Box
40 Climbing Mt. Homeschooling
41 The Bible as the Main Textbook
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