Exploring the World Around You

(Note: Each chapter of the textbook ends with a list of questions.)

Recommended supplemental articles

Chapter 1
* Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?
Chapter 2
* Genesis—Days of Creation
* Animal migration from the Ark
Chapter 3
* What about the Ice Age?
Chapter 4
* Coral reefs
* Coral
* Thundering Burial
* Catastrophic deposits
Chapter 5
* The magnificent migrating monarch
* Wings on the Wind
Chapter 6
* The Wonders of Water
* Beetle bloopers (see page 42)
Chapter 7
* How did bad things come about?
* The lion that wouldn’t eat meat
* The Dracula connection to a young earth
Chapter 8
* The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 11
* Noah’s Flood—what about all that water?
Chapter 12
* Natural Selection
* Speciation
Chapter 13
* Sylvan symphony
* Providential planting
Chapter 14
* Fouling the nest
Chapter 15
* Coal: memorial to the Flood
Chapter 16
* Ligers and wholphins? What next?
* Where are all the people?

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