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Creation  Volume 3Issue 2 Cover

Creation 3(2):31
May 1980

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Cited in:
Creation 3(2):31
May 1980
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Quotable Quotes

George Stravropoulos speaking of suggestions that crystal formation overcomes the thermodynamic barriers to the origin of life:

‘He makes it appear as though crystals and highly ordered organic molecules belong in the same class, when in fact they do not. When a crystal is broken up, the smaller crystals are physically and chemically identical to the original. This is never observed with (organic) molecules; when the original molecule is split up, lesser molecules appear, and part of the original information is lost. To ignore such fundamental differences in an effort to arrive at some general overview or law is to create a false overview, a pseudolaw.’

American Scientist 65:675, Nov.–Dec. 1977.

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