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Please note that while this area of the site was originally designed with homeschooling families in mind, and occasionally content will reflect this emphasis, our goal is to encourage and equip all families to be involved in the children's education, regardless of whether public school, Christian school, or homeschooling is the right educational decision for their family. Even if you do not homeschool, the resources here will help you to educate your children, and help them to think correctly and biblically when confronted with the ideology of evolutionism and humanism.

High School

# Article Title
1 Homeschooling a Struggling High Schooler-Credits, Curriculum, Diplomas
2 Home College: The Next Frontier
3 College Prep Basics: The Top Ten
4 Preparing for the ACT/SAT
5 The Timeless Art of Violin Making; A Brief History
6 Which Language to learn
7 Best Micro-Businesses for Teenagers
8 Making an Educated Choice About Dual Enrollment
9 Preparing for the Job Market
10 The Gift of Time: Extending High School
11 Help! I Need a High School Transcript . . . Tomorrow!
12 7 Habits of Highly Successful Communicators
13 Organize Your Communication
14 Don’t Sweat the Small Talk
15 The Communication of Witnessing
16 Communication Technology Doesn’t Replace Communication Skill!
17 What’s Your Communication Personality
18 A Chat with Barbara Shelton
19 Homeschoolers Headed for Higher Education: A Talk with Five Schools
20 Career Exploration
21 Two Perspectives on Teaching High School at Home
22 Mind Your Ps and Q
23 Basic Guide Standardized Testing
24 Transcripts CLEPs Other Ways
25 In the Mix: Homeschoolers and Higher Education
26 Homeschooled Athletes Score Acceptance
27 Help Your Teens Earn Their Own Money
28 Decisions, Decisions
29 Earning College Credits the Easy Way
30 Get the Picture?
31 Free to Learn: My High School Years
32 8 Benefits of Creating Homeschool Portfolios
33 Homeschooling High School
34 Planning the High School Years
35 Choosing the Right College
36 Over the High School and Through the Home
37 High School Apprenticeship at Home
38 The Case for Christian College
39 TOS with David & Laurie Callihan: High Schooling
40 Teaching High School Literature: TOS Examines the Options
41 High School: Evaluating the Elective Options
42 Why Survive the Teen Years?
43 High School Transcripts
44 Career Training, Mentorship, and Parenthood
45 Homeschooling Through College
46 Getting Your Homeschool Student into College
47 Homeschooling Comes of Age in College Admission
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