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Human soul and religion are just the product of evolution


Quotable Quote by Sir Julian Huxley

Sir Julian Huxley was the brother of anti-Christian novellist Aldous Huxley and a grandson of Thomas Henry (T.H.) Huxley, better known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’. Julian was a leading evolutionary biologist, the first Director-General of UNESCO and signatory to the Humanist Manifesto II. He made it clear what he and other leading evolutionists really thought about:

‘In the evolutionary pattern of thought there is no longer either need or room for the supernatural. The earth was not created: it evolved. So did all the animals and plants that inhabit it, including our human selves, mind and soul as well as brain and body. So did religion.’


Essays of a Humanist, pp. 82–83, Penguin Books, UK, 1964 (1969 reprint)).

Long before this site existed, many millions searched on the word “creation”. When they do that now they will get to know this site exists and read the evidence that God is Creator. Help reach millions. Support this site

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