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Creation  Volume 17Issue 2 Cover

Creation 17(2):52
March 1995

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Creation Magazine Volume 17 Issue 2 CoverFirst published:
Creation 17(2):52
March 1995
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Is there a Creator?

Q: A colleague at work says he can prove there is no God. What would you say?

A: To say there is no God is to say you have enough knowledge to know there is no God. But an atheist can never have enough knowledge to be certain there is no God. He or she would have to know everything, because if there is something outside his or her area of knowledge, that something could include God. An atheist would have to be everywhere in and out of the universe all at one time, because if there is anywhere he or she cannot be, God could be there.

No atheist can claim total knowledge, therefore atheism is self-refuting, because knowing everything and being everywhere is to be like God. Therefore no one can prove 'there is no God', but there are many evidence for His existence (see Romans 1:20).

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