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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 10, Issue 2
Published August 1996
121 pages

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169–170 More surprising discoveries in the Solar SystemMore surprising discoveries in the Solar System
Perspective by M.J. Oard
170 Latin Lizards: <em>Logos vs</em> LotteryLatin Lizards: Logos vs Lottery
Perspective by Carl Wieland
171–172 Evolution pushed further into the pastEvolution pushed further into the past
Perspective by M.J. Oard
172–173 ‘Lost World of Mutants’ discovered‘Lost World of Mutants’ discovered
Perspective by Carl Wieland
174–175 Are those 'old' landforms in Australia really old?Are those 'old' landforms in Australia really old?
Perspective by M.J. Oard
175–177 ‘Rapid’ granite formation?‘Rapid’ granite formation?
Perspective by Andrew Snelling
178–179 The absolute dating of desert varnish likely inaccurateThe absolute dating of desert varnish likely inaccurate
Perspective by M.J. Oard
180 Evolutionary psychologyEvolutionary psychology
180 Philosophical criteria and cosmological modelsPhilosophical criteria and cosmological models
180 Mad cows and evolutionMad cows and evolution
Perspective by Don Batten
181–187 Information, science and biologyInformation, science and biology
by Werner Gitt
188–193 Of Paul Davies and <em>The Mind of God</em>Of Paul Davies and The Mind of God
Commentary by Marc Kay
193 The ‘big bang’ and the origin of the universeThe ‘big bang’ and the origin of the universe
194 Mordecai, Daniel and the Table of NationsMordecai, Daniel and the Table of Nations
Letter to the Editor
194–196 Contemporary suppression of the theistic world viewContemporary suppression of the theistic world view
Letter to the Editor
196–200 The name <em>Jehovah</em> in GenesisThe name Jehovah in Genesis
Letter to the Editor
200–201 Triassic basins and the FloodTriassic basins and the Flood
Letter to the Editor
201 Flood/post-Flood boundaryFlood/post-Flood boundary
Letter to the Editor
202–210 Advances in integrating cosmologyAdvances in integrating cosmology
Paper by Dr Jerry Bergman
211–213 Waters above or beyond?Waters above or beyond?
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
214–218 Genesis 6-9: Does ‘all’ always mean all?Genesis 6-9: Does ‘all’ always mean all?
Paper by Mike Kruger
219–240 Australopithecus</em> and <em>Homo habilis</em>Australopithecus and Homo habilis—pre-human ancestors?
Paper by A.W. Mehlert
241–257 The basement rocks of the Brisbane Area, AustraliaThe basement rocks of the Brisbane Area, Australia
Paper by Tas Walker
258–278 Where is the Flood/post-Flood boundary in the rock record?Where is the Flood/post-Flood boundary in the rock record?
Paper by Michael J. Oard
279–290 <em>Studies in Flood Geology</em>Studies in Flood Geology
Paper by John Woodmorappe

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