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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 12, Issue 2
Published August 1998
125 pages

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127–130 Click to view PDF Pushing back the origins of animals
Perspective by A. A. Snelling
130–131 Click to view PDF Exceptional soft-tissue preservation in a fossilised dinosaur
Perspective by A. A. Snelling
131 Click to view PDF Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further
Perspective by C. Wieland
132 Click to view PDF The Queen's Art Collection
Perspective by C. Wieland
133–134 Click to view PDF Waterborne gravity flows buried Mongolian dinosaurs
Perspective by A. A. Snelling
135–136 Click to view PDF Catastrophic sedimentation: giant submarine landslides
Perspective by A. A. Snelling
137–138 Click to view PDF Olfactory design: smell and spectroscopy
Perspective by Jonathan Sarfati
138–140 Click to view PDF Aboriginal paintings 'whodunnit'
Perspective by C. Wieland
140–141 Click to view PDF Dating method in doubt
Perspective by A. A. Snelling
141 Click to view PDF Cosmological principle under attack
Perspective by C. Wieland
142–151 Click to view PDF Loving God with all your mind: logic and creation
Overview by Jonathan D. Sarfati
151 Click to view PDF Fidelity to God, J.P. Moreland
152–154 Click to view PDF Book review: Creation and Change
Book Review by Carl Wieland
154–158 Click to view PDF Book review: The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy
Book Review by Carl Wieland
158–160 Click to view PDF Book review: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism
Book Review by Carl Wieland
161–162 Click to view PDF A close link between evolutionary theory and the degeneration of contemporary society?
Letter to the Editor
162–163 Click to view PDF Who created God?
Letter to the Editor
163–165 Click to view PDF Erosion rates of rock
Letter to the Editor
165 Click to view PDF Cainan
Letter to the Editor
165 Click to view PDF Dinosaurs and the Flood
Letter to the Editor
166–168 Click to view PDF Speed of light decay
Letter to the Editor
168 Click to view PDF The effect of naturalistic thinking on Christians
168 Click to view PDF Fossils and evolution
169–173 Click to view PDF Is there a Gospel in the stars?
Viewpoint by Danny R. Faulkner
173 Click to view PDF Interpretation and speculation in science
174–194 Click to view PDF Starlight and Time is the big bang
Paper by Samuel R. Conner and Don N. Page
195–212 Click to view PDF New vistas in space-time rebut the critics
Paper by D. Russell Humphreys
213–217 Click to view PDF Genesis and historical geology
Paper by Guy Berthault
218–221 Click to view PDF Experimental mechanics of sand stratification
Paper by Pierre Y. Julien, Yongqiang Lan and Y. Raslan
222–232 Click to view PDF Pre-Adamites, sin, death and human fossils
Paper by Marvin L. Lubenow
233–236 Click to view PDF Babel and the alphabet
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
237–252 Click to view PDF British scriptural geologists in the first half of the nineteenth century: part 3
Paper by Terry Mortenson

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