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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 12, Issue 3
Published December 1998
120 pages

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253–254 Click to view PDF Australian landforms: consistent with a young earth
Perspective by Michael Oard
255 Click to view PDF Fingering yet another discredited 'evolutionary transition'
Perspective by John Woodmorappe
256 Click to view PDF Missing antimatter challenges the 'big bang' theory
Perspective by Michael Oard
257 Click to view PDF Language skills in early humans
Perspective by Dan Muresan & Carl Wieland
258–259 Click to view PDF How reliable are quaternary dating methods?
Perspective by Michael Oard
260–261 Click to view PDF Why a fly can fly like a fly
Perspective by Carl Wieland
261–262 Click to view PDF Tropical cycad reinforces uniformitarian paleofloristic mystery
Perspective by Michael Oard
263–266 Click to view PDF Origin of life: the chirality problem
Overview by Jonathan Sarfati
267–269 Click to view PDF Scopes Trial facts v Inherit the Wind fiction
Book Review by Carl Wieland
270–272 Click to view PDF Book review: Ancient ice ages or gigantic submarine landslides?
Book Review by Andrew A. Snelling
273–274 Click to view PDF Book review: Unnatural enemies
Book Review by David Green
274 Click to view PDF Darwinism—a political ideology
274 Click to view PDF Evolution=materialism/atheism
275–278 Click to view PDF A brief response to anti-creationist books
Countering the Critic Article by Don Batten
279–280 Click to view PDF Rapid cave formation by sulfuric acid dissolution
Countering the Critic Article by Michael Oard
281–284 Click to view PDF Origin of life: the polymerization problem
Countering the Critic Article by Jonathan Sarfati
284 Click to view PDF Evolution eroded faith
285–290 Click to view PDF Radiohalos in diamonds
Letter to the Editor
290 Click to view PDF What is a day?
Letter to the Editor
291–292 Click to view PDF Raising Cainan
Letter to the Editor
292–295 Click to view PDF Logic and creation
Letter to the Editor
295–296 Click to view PDF The days of Genesis
Letter to the Editor
296 Click to view PDF An infinite universe?
Letter to the Editor
297–304 Click to view PDF Are wisdom teeth (third molars) vestiges of human evolution?
Paper by Jerry Bergman
305–311 Click to view PDF Darwin and the search for an evolutionary mechanism
Paper by Noel Weeks
312–313 Click to view PDF Did mountains really rise according to Psalm 104:8?
Paper by Charles Taylor
314–338 Click to view PDF The origin of languages: a synthesis
Paper by Thomas Curtis
339–346 Click to view PDF Live plesiosaurs: weighing the evidence
Paper by Pierre Jerlstrom
347–357 Click to view PDFThe antediluvian patriarchs and the Sumerian King List
Paper by Raúl Erlando López
358–361 Click to view PDFDawkins’ weasel revisited
Paper by Royal Truman
361 Click to view PDF Primeval soup: faith paradigm
362–373 Click to view PDF British scriptural geologists in the first half of the nineteenth century: part 4
Paper by Terry Mortenson

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