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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 13, Issue 2
Published November 1999
127 pages
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3–4 Click to view PDFDinosaur eggs in Argentina
Perspective by Michael Oard
5–6 Click to view PDFHydrothermal origin of life?
Perspective by Jonathan Sarfati
6–8 Click to view PDFGenomic imprinting
Perspective by Pierre Jerlstrom
8–9 Click to view PDFRapid emplacement of Columbia River basalts
Perspective by Michael Oard
10–12 Click to view PDFThe non-transitions in ‘human evolution’—on evolutionists’ terms
Perspective by John Woodmorappe
13 Click to view PDFBeware of paleoenvironmental deductions
Perspective by Michael Oard
14–21 Click to view PDFScience: Discovery or invention?
by Fergus McGinley
22–30 Click to view PDFExpose of The Genesis Question*
Book Review by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
31–33 Click to view PDFTempestuous times
Book Review by Gary Bates
34–39 Click to view PDFDivining design
Book Review by Royal Truman
40–41 Click to view PDFA Christian manifesto of science education
Book Review by David Green
42–43 Click to view PDFNon-biblical catastrophism
Book Review by Derel Briarley
44–51 Click to view PDFIs the raqiya‘ (‘firmament’) a solid dome?
Countering the Critics Article by James Patrick Holding
52–60 Click to view PDF The dubious apologetics of Hugh Ross
Countering the Critics Article by Danny Faulkner
61–62 Click to view PDF God’s rest in Hebrews 4:1–11
Countering the Critics Article by Andrew S. Kulikovsky
63 Click to view PDF Darwin and an evolutionary mechanism
Letter to the Editor
63–64 Click to view PDF Biblical limits to geologic correlations
Letter to the Editor
64–67 Click to view PDFThe origin of languages
Letter to the Editor
67–72 Click to view PDFDid mountains really rise?
Letter to the Editor
72–73 Click to view PDFThe coal-mass non-problem
Letter to the Editor
73–75 Click to view PDFDawkins’ Weasel revisited
Letter to the Editor
75–76 Click to view PDFCainan in Luke 3:36
Letter to the Editor
77–82 Click to view PDFThe geologic column: does it exist?
Viewpoint by John Woodmorappe
83–87 Does a ‘transitional form’ replace one gap with two gaps? Letting rotting sharks lie
Research Note by Pierre Jerlstrom and Bev Elliott
88–89 Click to view PDFLycopod fossils indicate hollow root structure
Research Note by Daniel A. Woolley
90–95 Click to view PDFPrecambrian metazoans
Paper by Carl R. Froede Jr
96–100 Click to view PDFThe rise and fall of Skull KNM–ER 1470
Paper by by A.W. (Bill) Mehlert
101–111 Click to view PDFDarwinism and the Nazi race holocaust
Paper by Jerry Bergman
112–117 Click to view PDFCritical characteristics and the irreducible knee joint
Paper by by Stuart Burgess
118–123 Click to view PDFTeaching creation and evolution in schools
Paper by Jerry Bergman
124–127 Click to view PDFOrigin of life: instability of building blocks
Paper by Jonathan Sarfati

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