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Journal of Creation Volume 29(1) Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 29 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

Volume 29, Issue 1
Published April 2015
127 pages

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3–6 Click to view PDF On metal abundances vs redshift in creationist cosmologies
Perspective by John Hartnett
6–8 Click to view PDF A preliminary age calibration for the post-glacial-maximum period
Perspective by Tas Walker
9–11 Click to view PDF Ice Age megafloods provide insight into Flood sedimentation
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
12–14 Click to view PDF Here today …
Perspective by Bryan V. Radford
14–15 Click to view PDF The Appalachian Mountains are young
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
16 Click to view PDF Tall molars did not evolve from eating grass
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
17–24 Click to view PDF Dino-bird theory—a flight of fancy
Overview by Jerry Bergman and Philip Snow
25–30 Click to view PDF No solution to evolution’s greatest puzzle
A review of Arrival of the Fittest: Solving Evolution’s Greatest Puzzle (Andreas Wagner)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
30–32 Click to view PDF Detailed analysis of the Hebrew text of the Genesis Flood
A review of Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood (Steven W. Boyd and Andrew A. Snelling Editors)
Book Review by Michael J. Oard
33–36 Click to view PDF A story about the evolution of life and changing levels of oxygen on Earth
A review of Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds and Earth’s Atmosphere (Peter D. Ward)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
37–41 Click to view PDF Why Wright is wrong on creation
A review of Surprised by Scripture: Engaging with Contemporary Issues (N.T. Wright)
Book Review by Andrew Sibley
42–44 Click to view PDF Darwinism has remade Western society—for the worse
A review of The Darwin Effect: Its Influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism, and Sexism (Jerry Bergman)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
45–50 Click to view PDF Why the West really is the best!
A review of How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity (Rodney Stark)
Book Review by Andrew Kulikovsky
50–54 Click to view PDF Non Christians recognize that the creation demands a creator
A review of Natural God: Deism in the Age of Intelligent Design (Beth Houston)
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
55 Click to view PDF Absolute values in redshift quantization, and distances
55–56 Click to view PDF Letter from Hennie Mouton. Reply: Russell Humphreys
56–58 Click to view PDF Fossil snakes and the Flood boundary in North America
Letter from Michael J. Oard. Reply: Chad Arment
58–60 Click to view PDF C.S. Lewis: creationist and antievolutionist?
61–63 Click to view PDF Letter from Jay L. Wile. Reply: Jerry Bergman
64–71 Click to view PDF Battle for the Bible in the early church
Paper by Benno A. Zuiddam
72–79 Click to view PDF Modelling biblical human population growth
Paper by Robert Carter and Chris Hardy
80–87 Click to view PDF Phytogeography and zoogeography—rafting vs continental drift
Paper by Dominic Statham
88–94 Click to view PDF Trinity’s truth reflected in creation
Paper by Ian Hodge
95–102 Click to view PDF Nylon-eating bacteria: part 1—discovery and significance
Paper by Royal Truman
103–107 Click to view PDF The Sedimentary Heavitree Quartzite, Central Australia, was deposited early in Noah’s Flood
Paper by Tas Walker
108–115 Click to view PDF What life isn’t
Paper by Alex Williams
116–119 Click to view PDF Magnetized moon rocks, impacts, and the Precambrian—a response to Humphreys
Paper by Wayne Spencer
120–127 Click to view PDF Becoming one flesh
Essay by Kathy Wallace

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