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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 5, Issue 1
Published April 1991
92 pages

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2–28 Click to view PDFThe early history of man—Part 2
Paper by Bill Cooper
29–41 Click to view PDFA critical examination of the genetic tree
Paper by Elizabeth East
42–47 Click to view PDFVariation, information and the created kind
Paper by Carl Wieland
48–52 Click to view PDFCan natural selection produce complex organs?
Paper by Jerry Bergman
53–57 Click to view PDF'Perestroika' in stratigraphy
Paper by Guy Berthault
58–69 Click to view PDFEinstein's contribution to relativity
Paper by David Malcolm
70–78 Click to view PDFThe days of creation: A semantic approach
Paper by James Stambaugh
79–80 Click to view PDFOn the use of probabilistic explanations in evolutionary theory
Paper by A. M. Hasofer
81–90 Click to view PDFThe formation and cooling of dykes
Paper by Andrew Snelling
91 Click to view PDFEther or Einstein?
Letter to the Editor
92 Click to view PDFErratum

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