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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 8, Issue 2
Published August 1994
120 pages

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125 Click to view PDF Junk moves up in the world
Perspective by C. Wieland
125 Click to view PDF Taking the pulse of ‘climatic evolution’ theories
Perspective by C. Wieland
126 Click to view PDF Cuddly cold-cures counter critics
Perspective by C. Wieland
126 Click to view PDF Modern fungus in Devonian!
Perspective by D. Batten
127–128 Click to view PDF New evidence: only people ever walked really upright
Perspective by C. Wieland
128 Click to view PDF The eye, the fly and I
Perspective by C. Wieland
129–130 Click to view PDF Australopithecus ramidus—‘the missing link’?
Perspective by Don Batten
130 Click to view PDF Religion and science
131–137 Click to view PDF Punctuated equilibrium: come of age?
Overview by Dr Don Batten
137 Click to view PDF A major evolutionary problem
138–141 Click to view PDF Decreased lifespans: Have we been looking in the right place?
by Carl Wieland
141 Click to view PDF Origin of the universe
Quotable Quotes
142–147 Click to view PDFHelium in the Earth’s Atmosphere
Countering the Critic Article by David Malcolm
148–149 Click to view PDF Book review: Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe
Book Review by Dr Andrew Snelling
150–151 Click to view PDF Book review: Creation and Time
Book Review by John Goertzen
151 Click to view PDF Quotable quote
152–153 Click to view PDF Moon dust and the age of the solar system
Letter to the Editor and Authors’ Reply
153 Click to view PDF Early history of man
Letter to the Editor
153–154 Click to view PDF Diseases on the Ark
Letter to the Editor
154–156 Click to view PDF Dinosaurs and dragons
four Letters to the Editor
156 Click to view PDF Noah's Ark
Letter to the Editor
156–158 Click to view PDF The speed of light—A critique of Bounds' methodology
Letter to the Editor
158–159 Click to view PDF Announcing the Creation Research index
Letter to the Editor
159 Click to view PDF The consequences of Darwin
160–165 Click to view PDF Australopithecus ramidus and the fossil record
Paper by Kurt P. Wise
166–178 Click to view PDFNeandertal children's fossils
Paper by John W. Cuozzo
179–191 Click to view PDF A possible creationist perspective on the Tyrolean (Oetztaler) ice man
Paper by Greg J. Beasley
192–203 Click to view PDF The early history of man—Part 6
Paper by W. R. (Bill) Cooper
204–211 Click to view PDFWho wrote Genesis? Are the Toledoth Colophons?
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
212–222 Click to view PDF The thermal erasure of radiohalos in biotite
Paper by Mark Armitage and Ed Back
223–237 Click to view PDFThe origin of the universe
Paper by A. W. (Bill) Mehlert
238–245 Click to view PDF The law of cause and cosmology
Paper by Jerry Bergman

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