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Creation  Volume 16Issue 2 Cover

Creation 16(2):6
March 1994

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Creation Magazine Volume 16 Issue 2 Cover

First published:
Creation 16(2):6
March 1994

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Living fossils

by Joachim Scheven

It could hardly be more obvious that the shrimp shown on the left below (genus Penaeus) is essentially the same as the fossil shrimp (Antrimpos) shown on the right below. Yet according to evolutionary theory, they are separated by an alleged 150 million years.

Such ‘living fossils’ (there are hundreds and hundreds) show that there has been no evolution—and that these vast time-spans do not represent reality.

Photos by Joachim Scheven, LEBENDIGE VORWELT Museum

Penaeus & Antrimpos Shrimp

Genus PenaeusGenus Antrimpos

[Photos courtesy of Dr Joachim Scheven, who oversees the world’s largest collection of living fossils in his faith-funded creation museum at Unterm Hagen 22, D58119 Hagen, Germany.]

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