Table of Contents

Foreword, Preface, and Introduction
Chapter 1
Cain’s wife
Chapter 2
Natural selection and speciation
Chapter 3
Genetics and the human family
Chapter 4
One race
Chapter 5
‘Interracial’ marriage?
Chapter 6
Are black people the result of a curse on Ham?
Chapter 7
Pseudo-biblical arguments refuted
Chapter 8
‘Stone age’ people
Chapter 9
Darwin’s body snatchers
Chapter 10
Ota benga: The Pygmy put on display in a zoo
Chapter 11
How to become a member of the Last Adam’s ‘race’
Why does it matter?
One Blood

One Blood

The biblical answer to racism

by , Dr Don Batten and Dr Carl Wieland

Foreword by Zig Ziglar, author/motivational teacher

One Blood promises to be revolutionary in its impact on the thinking of millions of people. When we look at the ugliness of racism and the impact of evolution, we realize there is a solution to the problem of racism—and that’s biblical principles and scientific facts.

The prime reason I was thrilled to be asked to write this foreword is to share from my perspective why One Blood can be a life-changing experience for many people. First, as a practical matter, in the business world turnover of capable people is cost prohibitive. We have to rehire, retrain and fit new employees into our work structure. That’s time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. When prejudice rears its ugly head and we miss out on capable people because they are not of our ‘race,’ it is particularly frustrating and often leads to expensive litigation. This happens because we treat people like we see them, and try as we might, our prejudice is perceived by the person who is treated in a less-than-equal manner. Needless to say, that person’s loyalty will be shallow and short-lived.

Three Native Americans had huge impacts on my life: one on my sales career, another on my speaking career and yet another on my spiritual walk. The African-American lady who spent the weekend of 4 July 1972, in our home is the reason I am a Christian today. My closest friend for the last 35 years is Jewish, and he was my first encourager when I launched my speaking career. My daughter-in-law is from Campeche, Mexico, and one of the key members of our staff is a native of India. Just think what I would have missed had I been racist!

As you read One Blood, I hope you will carefully check the Scriptures that are revealed and the scientific evidence that is presented. I believe it will remove virtually all of your prejudice. Of course, the real difficulty is a heart problem and not an intellect problem. As you read this book, follow through on the biblical admonitions and ask God to come into your heart in the person of Jesus Christ, because when our heart is right, then all of us is right.

Prejudice is frequently a matter of ‘what’s best for me.’ Example: If you are prejudiced and white, but you need a heart transplant and the only one available is from a black man, would your prejudice still prevail, or would you be grateful for your life made possible by your black brother? Question: If you’re a black man and your daughter is drowning and you are unable to save her, but a white man is available, would you turn him down and let your daughter drown? I don’t think so.

This is reality. If your life, or the life of a loved one, were at stake, you would not care if your benefactor were black, white, brown or yellow. You wouldn’t even ask if he were Irish, Polish, Jewish, Gypsy, Italian, Eskimo, etc. Your gratitude for life would be the only thing on your mind. I hope you will remember that when you deal with those who are ‘different.’ In God’s eyes, all of us are equally loved and equally important. Christ shed His blood to cover the sins of all of us.

Racism is morally, socially, scientifically and biblically wrong. It is an ugly blot on our society, and One Blood clearly explains why we really are all one blood.

God bless you as you ponder this all-important question. I strongly encourage you to get extra copies of this book and give them to friends, family and associates, because the less prejudice we have in this world of ours, the more peace, freedom and opportunity all of us will have.

Preface by Jim Fletcher, editor-in-chief, Master Books

The railroad car, once you realize what it represents, forces you in, although not in the same way the people it memorializes were forced aboard so many decades ago. The odd smell—which many visitors say must be the smell of death—can’t be scrubbed away. It shouldn’t be, for it reminds our senses in a visceral way of what happens when men leave God, and malevolent ideas go unchallenged.

This exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. is part of the story of a man who hated other groups of people. The malevolent idea he used was evolution.

When Adolf Hitler looked for a ‘final solution’ for what he called the ‘Jewish problem’—the fact of the Jews’ existence—he had only to recall what scientists like Ernst Haeckel promoted and liberal theologians embraced: that a purposeless process, known as evolution, had generated all of life’s complexity, including civilization itself. It had done so through a pitiless procedure of the strong eliminating the weak. As the influence of this idea spread, the Bible was increasingly taught as myth.

The Nazi leader convinced millions of his followers that this ethnic group was corrupt, weak, and therefore, deserving of extinction. The Holocaust, or Shoah in Hebrew, resulted, with millions of Jews packed into trains and transported to extermination camps.

He didn’t stop there, however. To Hitler, people with different skin color and facial features were ‘sub-human.’ These ideas came directly from the research of fanatical Darwinists like Haeckel, who had popularized the idea decades earlier that human fetuses go through their ‘evolutionary history’ in the womb—from cell to fish to frog to monkey to man.

It also followed naturally from Darwin’s idea that different people groups had been separated for many tens of thousands of years, slowly evolving what must therefore be major biological differences. Since evolution has no fixed pace, it is therefore natural to assume that one group is less highly evolved than another—i.e., less human. For the dictator of Nazi Germany, these anti-God ideas were a means to an end.

But if Haeckel, Darwin, Hitler and all the rest are long dead, what does it mean for us today? Who cares? It happened so long ago, right?

But then we remember that our publishing headquarters are located a mere 30 miles from the international headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan, right in the middle of the United States. We also note that the so-called ‘Christian’ Identity movement believes Jews are the offspring of Eve and Satan, and that blacks are not really human. Neo-Nazis are becoming a force in Germany. And, of course, there is ‘ethnic cleansing’ (a euphemism for mass murder) going on all over the world as never before. In Australia, Aborigines—people who are as human and capable of achievement as any other—were thought until relatively recently to be sub-human. Thousands were deliberately murdered to provide specimens of ‘living missing links’ for Northern Hemisphere museums. The Australian National Museum classified Aboriginal people under the heading ‘Australian animals’ and gave instructions on how to plug up the bullet holes once you had shot your specimen for ‘science.’

We hear rabid sports fans viciously question the intelligence level of black players who drop passes in the end zone or miss balls on a sun-drenched diamond. The evening news bulletins assault us with senseless killings, rapes and other persecutions. And this racial hatred is not confined to white men hating brown, red or yellow-skinned people. One only has to think of that notorious promoter of hate, Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan. Or anti-Chinese violence in Indonesia. Even the Japanese in World War II, to justify their nation’s expansionist aggression, had been told that they were the most ‘highly evolved’ race on earth. After all, Europeans, with their longer arms and hairier chests, were clearly still closer to the ape, weren’t they?

There is no way to understand the cultural cancer of racism until we first seriously read the Bible. For this breathtaking collection of 66 books is completely silent on our own modern concept of ‘races.’ Tragically, blacks, orientals, whites—all of us—have been pushed into ‘boxes’ (the metaphor for which is the stinking, grisly railroad car) and we have forgotten that God has ‘made of one blood all nations of men’ (Acts 17:26).

The world has forgotten that truth! This revelation is so startling to many people encountered at Creation Ministries International seminars, it’s clear we have come adrift from our moorings. God has told us very clearly that we are all very closely related, and He has made it possible for us to understand the scientific facts found in this book.

The battle of ethnic hate and violence is one of the biggest questions of our time. Billions of dollars are spent fighting it. Presidents consult civic and religious leaders. Oprah devotes entire programs to it. And to put it delicately, many fine Christian organizations lament racism and talk in terms of the races getting along, but they fail to present a biblical answer to a searching world.

Ask yourself honestly: Are we winning? Have we acknowledged the answer? The next time you think we are making progress with race relations in the usual way, remember when you heard someone call an intelligent athlete a ‘nigger.’ Remember the contempt otherwise reasonable white men have for ‘Japs.’ Remember that we have bashed the poor Neanderthals and questioned their intelligence (they had bigger brains than we do!) because they looked different. Remember the beastly dragging death of the man from Texas by white supremacists.

Then remember what’s in your own heart.

There are ‘races’ in the Bible, but they are spiritual journeys for us all to run (e.g. 1 Cor. 9:24). Only when we see God for who He is—and see who He meant for us to be—will we see our relatives (all other people) for what they are.

Then we will be able to climb out of the ghastly boxes into which we’ve forced ourselves.

We urge you to help One Blood travel far and wide, to let its crucial insights start a reformation in ‘race’ relations.


If all human beings who are alive or who have ever lived on earth are descendants of only two people, Adam and Eve, as a literal reading of Genesis would demand, then how do we account for all the different ‘races’ of people? Shouldn’t there be just one ‘race’ of humans? How can all human beings be the descendants of just two people anyway? Also, where did Cain get his wife? Why do the ‘races’ differ in such things as skin color and eye shape? Does the Bible allow ‘interracial’ marriage?

These are just some of the many difficult questions people ask concerning the human race. There are, however, easy-to-understand answers that support the Bible’s account of history. Let’s start at the beginning, Genesis.

In Genesis 2 we read the detailed account of the creation of the first two people, Adam and Eve.1 In Genesis 4 we are told that Adam and Eve had three sons, Cain, Abel and Seth. Thus, if Adam and Eve were the parents of the entire human race, where did, for example, Cain find a wife so there would be subsequent generations of people? It is perhaps the most-asked question we receive at Creation Ministries International, and it is the subject of chapter 1.


  1. Michael J. Kruger, An Understanding of Genesis 2:5, Journal of Creation 11(1), pp. 106–110, 1997.

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