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You can download these professionally produced 60-second audio files to play on your own radio programs, church website or even personal website.

The clips deal with some of the most-asked questions and topical subjects in the media today.

Each clip has been produced with a closing trailer/tag with two different voice formats to be suitable for your own country. One ending tag can be heard with a standard North American accent. The other ending tag had a standard British or neutral accent. The main narration voice is the same for both.

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If you download these audio files you are agreeing that they will not be edited or changed in any form without the express written permission of Creation Ministries International (including the beginning and ending sequences).

Zip file download for all radio spots with North American English trailer
Zip file download for all radio spots with British English trailer

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Peter's Prophesy - (1:00)
"In his second letter, the Apostle Peter links Jesus’ second coming and judgment of the whole world to the historical reality of Noah’s flood. He…..."
Skepticism, Probability, and Common Sense - (1:00)
"Imagine hearing that someone has just won the lottery three times in the same year, or a golfer has hit five consecutive holes-in-one! We approach such…..."
Evidence for God - (1:00)
"Someone might ask, "How can you believe in God when there isn't a single shred of evidence—how can you take that leap of faith?" But on the contrary,…..."
Genesis is Revelation - (1:00)
"Have you ever stared at something and thought about how God created every single atomic particle in it—from nothing— and designed the mechanisms and…..."
The Key to Earth History - (1:00)
"Over three chapters, the book of Genesis vividly describes a worldwide flood that began with the all the fountains of the great deep bursting forth, and…..."
Dinosaurs in the Bible - Behemoth - (1:00)
"A question people often ask is “Does the Bible mention dinosaurs”? You might expect that the Bible would mention the most impressive land-dwelling…..."
Pain in Pedigree Pups - (1:00)
"The breeding of pedigree dogs is causing them to suffer great pain. According to Steve Jones, Professor of genetics at University College London, some…..."
Stasis - (1:00)
"In nature documentaries and science text books, one often hears about creatures that arrived at their body plan very early in evolutionary history and…..."
Change Is Not Enough - (1:00)
"It’s often claimed that evolution is simply change over time, and since change over time can be seen everywhere, then evolution is obviously true. But…..."
Naturalism - (1:00)
"One of the basic tenets of science is that open-mindedness is critically important, and the evidence should be followed wherever it may lead. But some…..."
Leviathan - (1:00)
"In Job 40, in response to Job’s questioning of God’s wisdom, God sets out his credentials and challenges Job to answer a 77-question “creation…..."
The Kennel Club - (1:00)
"In 2008 the BBC produced a controversial documentary on the harmful effects of pedigree dog shows. According to the documentary, many dog breeders are…..."
Reinforcement Syndrome - (1:00)
"In 1923 American microscopist Theophilus Painter announced to the world that humans have 48 chromosomes. This number was repeated like a mantra for…..."
Parasitic DNA - (1:00)
"Is the human genome full of parasites? This might sound like a ridiculous question, but some biologists claim that it is! The Human Genome Project…..."
Long Distance Travellers - (1:00)
"Many people have trouble understanding how animals got to distant places around the world after disembarking from Noah’s ark. While it is quite likely…..."
Human Genetic Variation - (1:00)
"Many people are under the mistaken impression that people from different racial backgrounds have big differences in their DNA instructions. But this is…..."
Glacial Deposits in Flood Rocks - (1:00)
"Who would have ever thought that scratches in rocks could disprove the biblical Flood? Well, scratches in rock, called striations, are sometimes caused by…..."
Fitting Dinosaurs on the Ark - (1:00)
"Have you ever wondered how Noah would’ve fitted dinosaurs on the ark? For example, how would a large sauropod like Brachiosaurus even get in the door? …..."
Evolutions Failed Predictions - (1:00)
"Dinosaur fossils are often found in an unusual posture characterized by their head thrown back, hind limbs bent and tails extended. Over the years,…..."
Death Throes - (1:00)
"Dinosaur fossils are often found in an unusual posture characterized by their head thrown back, hind limbs bent and tails extended. Over the years,…..."
Atheist Buses - (1:00)
"Atheists in the United Kingdom have launched a public campaign to preach their message of unbelief by using advertising space on public buses. These…..."
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