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Creation  Volume 27Issue 4 Cover

Creation 27(4):28–29
September 2005

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Creation  Volume 27 Issue 4 Cover

First published:
September 2005

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Real history: the timeline of the Bible

by Paul Hansen

The Ussher timeline chart by Paul Hansen that appeared in Creation magazine in September 2005 is available here as a .pdf (opens with Adobe Acrobat).

Permission is hereby given to download and print out on a colour printer in small quantities for personal use, including handouts for classes. It must not be sold, or reproduced in any magazine or article or book or other publication or form without separate permission being sought from the copyright holder, Creation Ministries International (Australia).

Click here to view (then “save as” if you want to download).




Some people in this timeline include

From Genesis

ADAM 5:1-5 930
SETH 5:6-8 912
ENOS 5:9-11 905
CAINAN 5:12-14 910
MAHALALEL 5:15-17 895
JARED 5:18-20 962
ENOCH 5:21-24 365
METHUSELAH 5:25-27 969
NOAH 5:32
SALAH 11:14–15 433
EBER 11:16–17 464
REU 11:20–21
SERUG 11:22–23

Reigns of: 20 Kings of the Southern
Kingdom of Judah

Reigns of

From 2 Chronicles:
17 Rehoboam 9:31; 12:13
3 Abijah 13:1–2
41 Asa 16:13
25 Jehoshaphat 20:31
(2*)+4+(2*) Jehoram 21:5, 20
1 Ahaziah 22:1–2
6 Athaliah 22:12
40 Joash 24:1
(1*)+28 Amaziah 25:1
52 Uzziah 26:1–3
16 Jotham 27:1, 8
16 Ahaz 28:1
(1*)+28 Hezekiah 29:1
55 Manasseh 33:1
2 Amon 33:21
31 Josiah 34:1
¼ Jehoahaz 36:1–2
11 Jehoiakim 36:4–5
¼ Jehoiachin 36:9
11 Zedekiah 36:11
Jotham is not indicated.


THE TIMELINE OF THE BIBLE. This chart accords with Ussher’s chronology—see James Ussher, The Annals
of the World, updated translation from Latin by Larry and Marion Pierce, Master
Books Inc., 2003.

Chronological studies.

Geneology. Genealogy. Chronology chart. bible timeline

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