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Table of Contents

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Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1
Facts & Bias

Chapter 2
Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution

Chapter 3
The Links Are Missing

Chapter 4
Bird Evolution?

Chapter 5
Whale Evolution?

Chapter 6
Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
How Old Is the Earth?

Chapter 9
Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Chapter 10

Refuting Evolution
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati

Lesson 5

Chapter 5: Whale Evolution?

Supplemental materials:

Discussion questions:

  1. Write a research paper on dolphins. What features reflect the work of a Master Designer?
  2. What changes are necessary for a land mammal to evolve into a whale?
  3. Analyze the various proposed ‘transitional forms’ in the ‘whale evolution’ series. In reality, what type of creature is each of these animals?
  4. How would you answer someone who claims that one proof of whale evolution is the vestigial hind leg found in whales?


  1. Formulate your own response. See Q&A: Design Features for additional information.
  2. See pages 71-72.
  3. See Q&A: Whales for additional information. Pakicetus was a land mammal; Ambulocetus fossils are found higher in the fossil record than certain whale fossils, so is not an ancestor; Basilosaurus was a serpent-like sea mammal, fully aquatic.
  4. See pages 77-78.

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