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Evolution's Achilles' Heels (DVD)
by Various Ph.D. Scientists

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Frozen in Time book & Mammoth and the Ice Age DVD pack

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Stars and Their Purpose
by Werner Gitt

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Rocks Aren't Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale
by John K Reed

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Science And The Bible
Dr. Henry M. Morris
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"A must for every Home School and Christian School. Thirty exciting scientific demonstrations that illustrate the laws of nature as well as teach Bible principles and affirm God as Creator. The use of common household objects requires little set-up time."

Table of Contents:

List of Demonstrations.....9
    1. Watch for the Rainbow.....15
    2. Plug into God's Power.....18
    3. God's Invisible Power.....21
    4. The Weight of Air.....25
    5. Singing Glasses..... 28
    6. Bad Habits.....31
    7. The Lord's Strength.....34
    8. A Swinging Hammer.....37
    9. A Straight Path.....40
    10. Turning Away Anger.....43
    11. Popping the Cork.....46
    12. Splash!.....49
    13. Floating on Air.....52
    14. A Quick Change.....55
    15. Tornado in a Bottle.....58
    16. An Empty Heart.....61
    17. A Special Friendship.....64
    18. Walking through Doors.....67
    19. A Mystery.....71
    20. The Twinkling of an Eye.....74
    21. Safe from Blows.....78
    22. A Dependable Universe.....81
    23. Piercing the Heart.....84
    24. Nothing Hidden.....87
    25. What Is Faith?.....90
    26. Losing Excess Weight.....94
    27. A Forest Fire.....97
    28. Moving a Mountain.....101
    29. A Perfect Balance.....105
    30. Water of Life.....108
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