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Steve Irwin ‘conversion account’—the original email.

The circulating email in its original form (the name of the pastor and the church was there in full, but has been edited out to leave just the initials) is reproduced below. As indicated, it was neither R.R’s intention nor ours that the text become widespread over the net, and both R.R. and we regret that it has. For a fuller discussion of this whole matter of the Crocodile Hunter’s alleged conversion, see this item.

I want to inform Creation Ministries International that Steve Irwin became a born again Christian two and a half weeks ago at [the name of a major church on Queensland’s ‘Sunshine Coast’ in Australia], going forward publically before the congregation to ask Christ to become his Lord and Saviour. Many of us will now spend eternity with him. I am sure Terri is comforted as a Christian in the fact that she will be with Jesus and also Steve again for eternity. Steve declared the day before he died that he was the happiest he had ever been in his whole life.

Pastor R.R.

[Full name was given, along with a postal address and the name of a significant church in the region where Irwin lived—not the same as the one where he was supposed to have become saved. Note that the above, apart from the name and address, is the original email in its entirety. Contrary to some reports, it was not 'changed by CMI staff']

Long before this site existed, many millions searched on the word “creation”. When they do that now they will get to know this site exists and read the evidence that God is Creator. Help reach millions. Support this site

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