Questions and topics for thought: web links

1. In what way did Darwin’s religious/cultural background affect the development of his theory?

2. How did his views of geology influence his views on biology?

3. How accurate were his geological conclusions?

4. When and where did he believe he saw evidence for evolution? Was this microbe-to-man type of evidence?

5. How have his ideas stood the test of time?

6. How has modern geology moved away from “slow and gradual” into a greater acceptance of “catastrophic” processes? (and ‘related articles’ therein)

7. What were Darwin’s views on race and is it appropriate to discuss these views today?

8. How do preconceptions affect scientists?

9. Does the current popularity of evolutionary theory have anything to do with cultural conditioning and does this acceptance match the facts?

10. What is “information” and why is it a problem for evolutionary ideas of origins? (technical)

11. Is there an alternative to evolution?

About the creation of the film:

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