of Contents

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
What is astronomy?
Lesson 3
How big is the universe?
Lesson 4
The origin of the universe
Lesson 5
Watching the sky
Lesson 6
Why did God create the heavenly bodies?
Lesson 7
Space exploration
Lesson 8
A Tour of the Solar System
Lesson 9
A Tour of the Solar System—The Sun and the Moon
Lesson 10
Stars and galaxies
Lesson 11
Cosmic Catastrophes
Lesson 12
Catastrophes in the Solar System
Lesson 13
Are there other planets in the Solar System?

The Astronomy Book
by Dr Jonathan Henry

Lesson 1



The Astronomy Book


Introduction, page 5


Genesis 1:1-19
Psalms 147:4

Vocabulary Words:

  • nebula
  • light-year
  • constellation


  1. Use the glossary (pp. 77-78) to define the vocabulary words.
  2. On which Creation day did God create the sun, moon, and stars?
  3. In Astronomical Insights the author describes the Pleiades and Orion. Have the student write a brief research paper on these constellations. Younger students may draw these constellations.
  4. What is a ‘constellation’?
  5. In How can we see distant starlight?, we read about stars being many light years away. What is a light year?
  6. In Moving with the planets, the author discusses several astronomers. Have the student write a short essay on the contribution of each astronomer (Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Brahe, Einstein).
  7. In Are stars forming today? three types of nebulae are discussed. What are they? Give a short description of each one.


  1. Use the glossary (pp. 77-78) to define the vocabulary words.
  2. Have student draw a picture of Day 4 of creation.
  3. Visit a planetarium to get an overall view of the stars, planets, constellations. (Caution: We know of no planetarium that presents the development of the lights in the heavens as recent, i.e., less than 10,000 years ago.)

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