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Creation  Volume 29Issue 2 Cover

Creation 29(2):28–29
March 2007

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Creation Magazine Volume 29 Issue 2 Cover

First published:
Creation 29(2):28–29
March 2007

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Photos by Gary Roberts, <>.


译者:林梅英(Marian Lin)
文章来源:Creation 29(2): 28–29, 2007


这对双胞胎姐妹瞬间成了众多媒体注意的焦点,新闻报导都提到他们的父母(下角的照片),妈妈名叫凯莉.哈德森(Kylie Hodgson),爸爸名叫瑞米.何德(Remi Horder),双方都有白人妈妈和黑人爸爸。2


Photos by Gary Roberts, <>.





  1. Laing, L., Twins in a million, The Sunday Mail (Brisbane), 12 March 2006, p. 3.
  2. ABC News, One twin’s white, the other’s black-twins’ parents both have white mothers, black fathers,, 19 September 2006.
  3. 决定我们皮肤「颜色」的东西叫做黑色素,如果我们拥有大量的黑色素,我们的肤色将会很深(意思就是很「黑」);如果我们拥有少量的黑色素,我们的肤色就会很浅(意思就是很「白」)。参见The Creation Answers Book, Chapter 18: ‘How did the different “races” arise?’, Creation Ministries International, Brisbane, Australia, 2006.

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