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Weathering the Storm

This week’s feedback responses are to our 13 January 2003 article, Unleashing the Storm, a review of the book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis Petersen.

To Whom It May Concern,
re: Article Review Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

I read your informal review of this book by Dennis Peterson with interest. And I have no great problem with that informal review overall

Thanks. It was a pity it was necessary.

However, I am concerned with your response concerning the content at Page 83 — ‘everything in our physical universe is running down’. Your comment, ‘This is an incorrect statement of the law of entropy. Not everything runs down. Some things run the other way. Open systems can go “uphill”.’

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I am routinely surprised how easy Christians are misled in this area [of diets] ...

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Thank you for your article ‘Unleashing the Storm’. We had the first edition and would probably have bought the new one.

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Thank you for weathering the storm. Your comments on ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation’ are well researched.

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I appreciate your forthrightness in your evaluation.

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Thank you for your ‘tough love’ article on ‘Unleashing the Storm.’ This is a mark of the integrity that sustains [CMI].

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I read your review of the book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, and must say I am once again in awe of your tenacity with respect to critical thinking.

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First let me say ‘thank you’ for having the courage to do this although you know it will cause some hard feelings.

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Dear [CMI],
That I found your handling of Dennis Petersen's book wholly unChristian is an understatement.

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I have been a supporter of [CMI] since becoming an advocate of literal biblical creationism.

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