14-year old Creation evangelist!

A few months ago, my 14 year old daughter argued in class with her science teacher, at a christian denominational school,about his assertion that the creation record was merely a legend and that no thinking person would espouse such a view.

The science staff were called in to the debate and she had the weight of these academics forcing her to agree to God "creating" the world through evolution. She argued with them, using the material from your website. The chaplain and the reverend were sent in to "assist" her in her faulty theology, and as a last resort, she was called in to the principal’s office to hear, "Well, if I believe this, why can’t you?"

She simply replied, that if we can’t rely on the Genesis account, we can’t rely on anything in the Bible, and we can’t accept that Jesus really is our saviour.

We thought the matter had died, until we were told at her speech night a week ago, that she had stirred a hornet’s nest amongst the staff, and that a staff retreat had had to be called to determine the truth of the matter. Never before had their theological viewpoint been so seriously shaken. The outcome of the retreat was not told us, but we were told that every staff member was thinking again about their unthinking acceptance of theological evolution.

It just goes to show how effective your ministry is , when you can see a 14 year old, resourced with your material, being able to shake the authority figures in her world and have them wondering at the veracity of the Genesis account.

Thank you for this wonderful work that you do. God bless your efforts to reach bring the truth’s light to this world.



Published: 4 February 2006