# Article Title
1 Human Genome Project complete ... again
2 The debate: Creationist versus Skeptic
3 The Wieland-Willis debate: summary
4 14-year-old publishes in science journal
5 Teeth developing in bird embryos—does it prove evolution?
6 A testimony to the power of God's Word
7 Ethiopian 'earliest humans' find
8 Do genetic differences disprove that Neandertals and modern humans interbred?
9 The creation-evolution controversy in America
10 Pastor openly rejects the Creator
11 The origin of life
12 The bottom line—it’s about people!
13 In the eye of the storm
14 Dealing with difficult issues
15 "Factual errors and distortions" about early humans?
16 Dispensing the cure for a sick society
17 Prof makes a stand for creation
18 Speaking to an almost empty lecture hall!
19 New Planet Challenges Evolutionary Models
20 Australian church votes to ordain homosexuals
21 Biggest CMI-Canada conference ever … on the web!
22 Remove God from the Grand Canyon?
23 Update on ‘atheist pastor’
24 New ice core records 120,000 years?
25 Creationists need bones
26 An 'affront' in every direction
27 RATE group reveals exciting breakthroughs!
28 Hairless hokum
29 Creation/evolution debate gets front page airing in major U.K. weekly
30 Creation magazine is 25 years old!
31 Catching the vision: an amazing story!
32 The Piltdown Man Fraud
33 Final lessons from Ground Zero
34 99 and still fighting God
35 The story that won’t be told
36 World takes on evolution
37 Even champions can be inconsistent
38 Exit SARS … enter same-sex 'marriages'!
39 Making the Christmas sermon relevant
40 US May 1998 Newsletter
41 Representing the ‘world that then was’ …
42 More evidence Neandertals were fully human
43 Evolutionist science journal gives exciting support to creationist cosmology!
44 'One Blood' impacts South Africa!
45 Scientific American admits creationists hit a sore spot
46 All religions can't be right
47 The dark side of ‘evolutionary politics’
48 Running out of puff
49 Is the Earth’s magnetic field about to flip?
50 Of sandstone and apologetics
51 The Bible—‘it’s not historical’
52 Christians 'ducking and weaving' on campus
53 Thumbs up for Neandertals
54 Sonias Testimony
55 Was the Garden of Eden in Iraq?
56 Genetic engineers unwind species barrier
57 SARS and evolution
58 Don't believe evolution - just accept it!
59 'Fast mouse evolution' claims
60 Shame on Charisma!
61 Newspaper hails creationist "Angel of the Cape"
62 Life discovered in space
63 Unleashing the Storm
64 Dunce cap for creationists?
65 Has an ape learned to talk? (R)
66 Yet another flap about dino-to-bird evolution
67 New four-winged feathered dinosaur?
68 Evolution revolution
69 Surprise? NASA ‘confirms’ the big bang
70 A new weed species—does it prove Creation wrong?
71 Evolution evangelists
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