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Birds of the Heavens

Delightful! Breathtaking! Awe-inspiring!

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Your calendar for 2018— Birds of the Heavens—is available now.

This 2018 Creation Calendar is a look at the incredible design and stunning variety of the many beautiful birds that add incalculable richness to our world.

Who isn’t amazed by the stunning hummingbird with its long bill, special tongue, and rapid wing-beat that allows it to extract high energy nectar for food?

What about the dazzling colours of the noisy rainbow lorikeet, or the graceful elegance of the pretty American flamingo?

These and other images make up a spectacular record of our beloved feathered friends that reminds us of the ingenious creativity of our Creator.


People have said how thrilled they are to have the calendar in their home.

Mr and Mrs S. said: “Your calendar is outstanding—great photography—and again we marvel at God’s amazing creation which declares His glory. If only many more people could see that this world of ours and its living creatures are the handiwork of a super intelligent and loving Creator God.”

I.C. said: “Just a short note to thank you for the beautiful calendar. I encourage you in the work you are doing and pray many may come to the Lord as a result of your efforts. You can be assured of my continued support.

M.W. said: “With my everlasting thanks for the calendar and for your ceaseless fight in the war against those who seek to suppress and distort the truth only found in the Holy Scriptures.”

K.N. wrote: “Thank you for the calendar. It is a joy to pray and support CMI.”

So, why not think of your calendar as an evangelistic tool? Give them to your friends and loved ones so they can be reminded of you and things eternal. Bulk discounts apply.

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