# Article Title
1 Time mag Christians
2 Leading US magazine exposes evolution’s tall tales!
3 2001: A Space 'Oddity' (Part 1)
4 2001: A Space 'Oddity' (Part 2 of 2)
5 CMI Hires 'Cave Man!'
6 Was Adam from Australia? The mystery of Mungo Man
7 Beginning at the beginning …
8 Has the Garden of Eden been found?
9 Days of Revelation or Creation?
10 What about the slowing, stopping and reversing of light?
11 I dont believe!!!-A young mans tragic slide into darkness
12 Ten major differences and similarities between Calendar-Day and Day-Age Creationists
13 'Does God Exist?'
14 Proof of Life Evolving in the Universe?
15 Conclusive evidence for life from Mars?
16 Another school shooting in America
17 Aussie press does major beat-up on CMI's Super Camp
18 Genome Mania
19 CMI accused of "prevarication"!
20 Comment on 'Land of the Mammoth'
21 Templeton Prize goes to panentheistic Darwinist
22 Christian’s Christian testimony
23 Not another (yawn) 'ape-man'
24 Was Noah a Martian?
25 Hot Potatoes
26 "Alpha" – a misnomer!
27 The Church and the decay of the nation!
28 Alabama creation/evolution controversy percolates!
29 Another 'creation evangelism' testimony!
30 A gap in knowledge!
31 Up from the grave He arose…
32 New Hominid Skull from Kenya
33 'Slipping away from God', Penetrating the walls!
34 'Contact'ing Cain's wife!
35 The ‘Feathered Dinosaur’ Find–a brief preliminary report
36 Time magazine Christians
37 Creation evangelism: cutting through the excess
38 Lawmakers miss the boat!
39 US Senate supports intellectual freedom!
40 When does ‘day’ mean ‘day’?
41 Captivating creation class!
42 How theologians can play with words
43 CMI: a one issue ministry?
44 Report from Romania!
45 B.C.–Befriending Creation!
46 Movie review : Seven reasons not to see "Jurassic Park III"
47 Limiting exposure?
48 The death penalty: WDJB, not WWJD!
49 Movie Review: Planet of the Apes (2001)
50 Hedge of truth
51 Did Jesus say He created in six days?
52 Creation in-depth: Controversy over early Paleolithic stone tools in Canada continues
53 "Back to school, back to the Bible"
54 The Supposed Consistency of Evolution's Long Ages (P)
55 Chemistry teacher resigns amid persecution
56 "You should be feeding the hungry"
57 Backing the Right Horse!
58 'Discover' new adventure videos!
59 Terrorist attack leaves writer asking questions
60 Fire up your youth group–or classroom–with this creative activity!
61 Theological Jello
62 Atheists–infiltrating churches!
63 Anthrax and antibiotics: Is evolution relevant?
64 The scientific and Scriptural case against human cloning
65 First human embryo clone?
66 Materialist 'defence' of Bible fails
67 "Walking with Beasts" – Virtually Fact Free
68 Australian university moves to crack down on Christian freedoms
69 The ‘defense of Christmas’
70 Aren't 250 million year old live bacteria a bit much?
71 The Skeptics and their 'Churchian' Allies
72 Human-animal Hybrids?
73 Terrorists and Death
74 2 Peter 3:8 one day is like a thousand years
75 Did a meteor wipe out the dinosaurs? What about the iridium layer?
76 Have fundamental constants changed, and what would it prove?
77 Genetic algorithms—do they show that evolution works?
78 The ‘Indoctrinator’
79 Tree ring dating (dendrochronology)
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