# Article Title
1 Skeptical evolutionists: latest ape-man a female gorilla
2 The Origin of Life: A Problem for Evolution
3 Stem Cell Decision not the End of Ethical Dilemmas
4 Why should Christians subscribe to Creation magazine?
5 Why is there death and suffering?
6 Web-cast questions and answers 2002
7 Creation Ministries International promotes an Old Earth!
8 Surviving...and THRIVING!
9 So, you’re looking for a college …
10 Supreme Court: Don’t teach evolution difficulties!
11 National Geographic 'woof' worse than its bite!
12 Why is there Death & Suffering? booklet:
13 Alumnus takes on his prestigious school!
14 How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organisations?
15 Glenn Morton: A Misrepresentation of History?-A short rebuttal
16 Hox Hype
17 'Cave man' joins CMI-Canada
18 ‘It’s not science’
19 'Caving in' to Creation
20 Deifying Darwin?
21 'BPM 1 3-13' - have they finally found a true feathered dinosaur?
22 Eyes of the science world turn to Columbus, Ohio, USA
23 Lots of ice, too much age
24 Earth Day: Is Christianity to blame for environment problems?
25 Skull wars: new ‘Homo erectus’ skull in Ethiopia
26 Evolutionist questions CMI report—Have red blood cells really been found in T. rex fossils?
27 Liaosaurus: a 'missing link' of the horned dinos?
28 Conservative Jews reject Torah, allegedly in light of archaeolo
29 One 'Harmless' Movie
30 The Separation of Church and Faith
31 Biologists mimic evolution in the lab?
32 Ark discovered! … again?
33 The Way We Were: origins research in Ethiopia
34 The Universe is nothingness! : The latest cosmological wild guess?!
35 US Congressional leader castigated for creation comments
36 Cloning misinformation: Dr DeWitt's rebuttal
37 Understanding the Times
38 Letter signed by 27 British scientists & educators
39 The Dark Side of Evolution
40 'Magazine evangelism'
41 Leading evolutionist, Stephen Jay Gould, dies
42 Giraffes … animals that stand out in a crowd
43 The ‘bathtub’ ark
44 The launch of Creation Ministries International—South Africa
45 "Get off that 6/24 business!"
46 Why doesn’t the church taste good any more?
47 Evangelism and evidence
48 Evolution: bad economics
49 Church leader 'aghast' at belief in a worldwide Flood?
50 Scientific American threatens our ministry
51 New 'Ape-Man' Preliminary Response (Sahelanthropus tchadensis, Toumai)
52 "No contradiction" between evolution and Bible—PCUSA
53 Human appendix—just can’t get no respect
54 U.S. News and World Report joins in the evolution onslaught
55 Answering tough questions
56 Creation ministry strikes a nerve
57 Answers for one of our oldest dilemmas
58 Evangelical colleges paid to teach evolution
59 Our galaxy at the center of the universe after all!
60 'Thought for Today' … by an atheist!
61 Ostrich eggs break dino-to-bird theory
62 Special Feature: Hugh Ross Exposé
63 Equal time for creation in Cobb County?
64 Signs the movie—God vs the aliens!
65 CMI's views on the Intelligent Design Movement
66 Dr Monty White on BBC World Update!
67 September 11—a tragic reminder
68 The Religion of Evolution
69 No God—No hope!
70 Maintaining Creationist Integrity (response to Kent Hovind)
71 Toumai ‘ape-man’ suffers another blow
72 Teaching College Students About Creation
73 Glacier Girl flies again
74 Russ Humphreys refutes Joe Meert’s false claims about helium diffusion
75 Vaccines and Genesis
76 Demolishing evolution
77 Creation in public schools?!
78 Shame on Time!
79 How could Adam have named all the animals in a single day?
80 Dinosaur demise theory, version #451
81 Evolution--'a science that's leading to cures'?
82 'Rocking' wrong geology
83 Will scientists create new life forms—and what would it prove?
84 Skeptics/Australian Museum ‘Feathered Dinosaur’ display:
85 Black Sea flood link to Noah sinking fast
86 What was the Star of Bethlehem?
87 Tragic massacre at school in Germany
88 Sydney University biology course debate
89 So you want to be a ‘creation scientist’ …
90 15 ways to refute materialistic bigotry:
91 Test- Maintaining Creationist Integrity
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