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Bait and switch with guppies
Bait and switch with guppies
18 Feb 2010
Richard Dawkins’ new book cites ingenious experiments supporting the interplay between natural and sexual selection in guppies. But is it really goo-to-you (or fish-to-fishermen) evolution?
By Jonathan Sarfati

    <em>Avatar</em> and the ‘new’ evolutionary religion
Avatar and the ‘new’ evolutionary religion
05 Jan 2010
This brilliant sci-fi blockbuster uses high-tech graphics (and lots of imagery, including biblical) to push the neo-pagan nature-worship revived by the evolutionized thought patterns of our age.
By Carl Weiland
Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne rejects CMI debate challenge
Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne rejects CMI debate challenge
01 Jan 2010
In March, the cream of the world’s atheists, including Dawkins, will be in Australia. Why would they not relish the chance to publicly crush some of the world’s leading creationists?
By Carl Wieland

    Back to the future
Back to the future
31 Dec 2009
In the classic 1985 film, Marty McFly showed the dangers of messing with history. Replacing our real history with evolutionary fantasy is even more disastrous.
By Grant Zippel

    Dino protein denial
Dino protein denial
29 Dec 2009
Rather than question the millions-of-years paradigm, researchers are willing to not just ignore key evidence, but even to find ways to deny it!
By David Catchpoole
Christmas in the ‘Year of Darwin’
Christmas in the ‘Year of Darwin’
25 Dec 2009
If you were invited to present a ‘Christmas lecture’ to children, would you at least mention ‘the reason for the season’?
By CMI staff
 Politicizing Scripture
Politicizing Scripture
24 Dec 2009
When politics becomes the measure for a Bible translation, it is a perversion of Scripture, no matter whose politics are involved.
By Lita Cosner
‘Creationist letter’ published in <em>The Church of England Newspaper</em>
‘Creationist letter’ published in The Church of England Newspaper
22 Dec 2009
This letter was sent to the Church of England Newspaper by one of CMI’s supporters in response to recent correspondence about creation. We share it here as a great example of a polite-but-challenging letter.
By Duncan Reeve

    Did Darwin Kill God
Did Darwin Kill God
15 Dec 2009
A recent television charade promotes theistic evolution. But why would the BBC produce such a film?
By Russell Grigg

    Rejecting <i>Creation</i> the movie: A business decision
Rejecting Creation the movie: A business decision
10 Dec 2009
Was the BBC Darwin movie too evolved for U.S. audiences or too boring for investors to risk?
By Emil Silvestru
Obama racism row
Obama racism row
08 Dec 2009
‘Disgustingly racist and offensive’ pictures on the internet of America’s First Lady have caused a furore, for which Google executives have apologized. What’s behind it all?
By David Catchpoole

    Evolutionists retreating from the arena of science
Evolutionists retreating from the arena of science
03 Dec 2009
Their regress to unfalsifiable positions is now evident in every arena where they once triumphed.
By Dave Woetzel