Feature Archive 2009

# Article Title
1 Avatar movie review
2 Darwin year Christmas
3 Dawkins bait-and-switch guppy selection
4 global atheists reject debate challenge
5 Review Did Darwin Kill God
6 Obama racism row
7 Review of Darwin's The Origin of Species
8 Global Atheist Convention debate challenge
9 Darwin brave new world 3
10 Wilberforce Huxley debate
11 Letter in church of england newspaper
12 Darwin Brave New World 2
13 The Darwin Anniversary
14 NZ Baptist theistic evolutionists
15 Darwin Brave New World 1
16 Politicizing Scripture: Conservative Bible translation
17 Muscle and blood in fossil
18 The Fourth Kind
19 Sand to rock
20 Richard Dawkins v Darwinopterus
21 NS Origin of Life
22 Rejecting creation the movie
23 Spin from the BBC about Darwin
24 2010 creation calendar
25 Darwin and Lyell
26 Creation movie
27 Evolutionary equivocation
28 Science peer pressure
29 Ardipithecus again
30 Anchiornis huxleyi: new four-winged feathered dino
31 Dragonfly design
32 Back to the future
33 Dino protein denial
34 Church censors biblical creation
35 Augustine young earth creationist
36 Biblical roots of modern science
37 Ancient Textile Factory
38 Evolutionists retreat from science
39 Enemy revealed
40 Fossil Squid Ink
41 Lessons from evolution superheroes
42 Horner Larsson chickenosaurus
43 Gender-Neutral Bible Translations
44 Christian academics promote evolution in New Zealand
45 Stickleback Evolution
46 Biblical worldview project for parents and grandparents
47 Who has an answer?
48 Genesis enigma
49 Book review Man Who Found Time
50 Pesticide resistance and evolution
51 The doctrine of sin in contemporary theology
52 Why were the Reformers burned?
53 Did moon landing bring evolutionary insights
54 Notable evolutionists retreating from empiricism to arguments from analogy
55 Using conscience and creation as witnessing tools
56 Go West, young man!
57 Global warming facts and myths
58 Snake charming and Bible accuracy
59 Reaching out at Roswell
60 What ever happened to sin?: A response to the UK Equality Bill
61 Radioactive dating fatal flaw
62 Children see the world as designed
63 Dino tree project ends
64 Desert creatures inspire SandBot
65 Dating oldest pottery from China
66 Bird breathing anatomy breaks dino-to-bird dogma
67 New creation cosmology
68 Atheism
69 Review Jesus Interrupted Bart Ehrman
70 Multiverse theory
71 Swine flu-Is it evidence of evolution?
72 Darwin fossil Ida hype
73 MSNBC seven signs evolution show creation
74 Junk DNA slow death
75 Age of the earth
76 Cuttlefish inspire TV design
77 Dinosaur soft tissue and protein--even more confirmation!
78 Review of "Darwins Dangerous Idea" Marr BBC
79 Darwin and the Fuegians
80 Tooth enamel: sophisticated materials science
81 Now a Creationist
82 Bacteria trapped for millions of years under Antarctic ice
83 The cat who refuses to eat meat
84 Lunar volcanoes rock long-age timeframe
85 Dawkins and Design
86 The Resurrection and Genesis
87 Dinosaur herd buried in Noah's Flood in Inner Mongolia, China
88 The Great Dothan Debate
89 Plants rights? The latest evolutionary absurdity
90 President Obama okays funding embryonic stem cell research (but removes adult stem cell funding)
91 Anti-creationists: do they fear an overthrow of Darwin in the U.S.?
92 Intelligent Design: why the fuss, and what is it about?
93 CMI's 'Year of Darwin' Documentary
94 Deconstructing Darwin--full steam ahead!
95 Prescription for raising children
96 New footprints from Ileret, Kenya, supposed to be from human evolutionary ancestor
97 The forgotten kingdom of the Hittites
98 Is death a good thing or a bad thing?
99 Probably no God?
100 How your brain creates God?
101 Galileo Quadricentennial
102 Churches celebrating the "Year of Darwin"
103 "But the New Testament does not make a big deal out of the Age of the Earth ..."
104 Australia's worst-ever bushfire disaster
105 What is there to celebrate about Darwin's 200th birthday?
106 Steven Hayes, nuclear engineering
107 Foxes crying foul in the henhouse!
108 Clergy letter project a circus
109 A truly stunning event
110 Newsweek's Gay Apparel: Lisa Miller's Travesty of Exegesis
111 Editorial The 2009 Darwin celebrations
112 Charles Darwin Voyage Movie
113 The brain—brainier than believed before
114 "The Day the Earth Stood Still"—a movie review
115 London Times reports that the Bible is not anti-female: is this news?
116 What should we think of new or trendy Bible translations?
117 Creation among the crowds
118 Backwards comet perplexes scientists
119 Skippy surprises scientists
120 Too many dinosaur names
121 The trial and death of Adolf Eichmann
122 Fountains of the great deep on Mars?
123 'Creating' a Stir at University
124 Butterfly brilliance
125 Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
126 Your 2009 Creation Calendar
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