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In today’s secularised culture, dinosaurs are often spoken of as monsters from ‘prehistory’. However, the Bible doesn’t speak of eras of time, millions of years long, before humankind existed& - there never was a pre-history.

Even so, everyone is familiar with the idea of ‘prehistoric monsters’ roaming the earth in the so-called Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Dinosaurs, then, provide a wonderful opportunity to teach the true history of the world to young and old alike. That’s why we call them ‘Prehistoric’ Preachers.

Four ‘Prehistoric’ Preacher Dinosaur Roadshows are planned for 2017 (dates given below) and at least two of our five UK-based speakers will be involved in each event. They promise to be fascinating, informative and fun. Here are some of things you can expect:

  • A colourful, illustrated PowerPoint presentation for the whole family. Our speaker team has brainstormed a brand new teaching framework which we are confident will bring the subject of ‘dinosaurs and the Bible’ alive in a memorable way (though each of our five speakers will bring his own unique presentation).

  • We have acquired some great-looking new models to take with us on the road. You’ll get to meet these ‘dinosaur friends’ of ours, for instance, Valentino, our larger-than-life Velociraptor& - quite a scary guy!

  • Smaller youngsters can sit astride Alexis, our friendly Allosaurus!

  • Children 12 years old and under will receive an educational free gift.

Diary Dates

13–18 March, Southern United Kingdom Roadshow& - with Thomas Fretwell, Philip Bell and Dominic Statham

9–12 May, Northern Ireland Roadshow& - with Phil Robinson and Philip Bell

13–18 May, Republic of Ireland Roadshow& - with Dominic Statham and Philip Bell

14–25 November, Northern United Kingdom& - with Dominic Statham, Philip Bell and Florin Mocanu

Book now!

If you are contemplating hosting a Prehistoric Preachers Dinosaur Roadshow event in your locality, please contact us as soon as possible& - either e-mail our Ministry Events department at or phone our UK office: 0116 2848 999.

Feedback from Dinosaur Roadshow events in March

Dear CMI, I just wanted to say how absolutely BRILLIANT your Prehistoric Preachers Dinosaur Roadshow is! … [The talk] was engaging, Biblical, informative, the children were involved, great Powerpoint slides, and I came away inspired … the whole thing was just AMAZING!–Corien B

Thank you for today, it was Amazing.”–Leah (age 5)

We were truly blessed … with many young families attending, … filling the hall with excitement, noise and creating a buzz! … Certainly, many went away informed, encouraged and blessed with materials and resources desperately needed by parents and children today.”–Steve L

Julie I. wrote: “Thank you so much for this site! I am very blessed already. I appreciate you sharing all these helps and resources. Especially the free ones. We are grateful!” Keep the free stuff coming. Support this site

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