A big ol’ thank you!

Just wanted to write a quick line to tell you folks how much your ministry has meant to me. For so long i was very discouraged about the way people pushed the bible aside, as no more then a bunch of fairy tales. Friends would tell me “Science has proved the bible to be nothing more then a bunch of made up story's.” How does someone like me, a truck Driver argue with that, when i knew nothing of science?

Then about 2 years ago i found your magazine Creation. It has at least opened my eyes to things that I wasn’t aware of, such as No transitional fossil, quick burial to preserve fossils, and that there were indeed Christion Scientist, to name just some of the area's that your ministry has helped me. Not that i will become the next great scientist, but at least I am learning the bascic's. And the creation of our planet. I would like to thank all who put forth the time and effort to help make the creation magz. And a big ol thank you to Answer's in Genesis. God Bless you all, and all your reader’s.


Published: 3 February 2006