A change of mind

From Arch Grieve, USA.

I had spoken with people who previously viewed the Answers In Genesis series, and they were very positive about the information. I was not negative, but actually believed it was not important if God created the earth in six days or six million years. I once heard a minister say ‘God would not leave false clues.’ I accepted this, and believed the Bible teaches us that time to God was different than time to us.

Our Sunday school class began the series, and I began to see how important establishing the "foundation" of the truth in Genesis is to our faith. When Ken Ham started talking about using the information in evangelism the importance of your work finally was clear to me.

We have given so much ground to the enemy in our daily life, and then we are surprised that we are not more successful in reaching others for Christ. The information you provide helps us again establish the foundation from which we can build a case for people accepting Christ.

May God bless you in your ministry!

Editor’s note: Indeed, God would not leave false clues. The difference is how these clues are interepreted (and why). See Faith and facts and The Earth: How old does it look?.

Published: 3 February 2006