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A different perspective

I just wanted to say that while reading a message board on AOL about the new skull(s) that were found in Africa, I decided to post a message about my opinions on creation vs. evolution.

I was going to state that evolution may be permitted by God as his way of allowing man to adapt to the changing world, but that he actually created man and man did not evolve from another species.

I then was going to make reference to genisis where creation is spoken of. I had a theory that God created other races as well as Adam and Eve, otherwise Cain could not have married. However, after reading your article on this matter, I have now seen the situation in a different way. (except I still do not understand how there are many different races of people today, ie, asian, spanish, black, white, indian, etc) how did all these people come to be? [Editor's note: see Where did the ‘races’ come from?]

I never understood how Cain could marry another woman if there were none at the time, but now that I understand more due to your article, I can see how Adam and Eve may have had other children that were not mentioned. I belive that girls were not usually made a big deal of in many cultures because boys were considered to be more valuable. Girls usually had to leave their families when they married and live with the mans family, thus the girls parents lost someone who could help provide for their homes.

I am glad that I didn't post my opinions on the message board untill I researched this further and gained a different perspective on the matter.
Thank you


Published: 3 February 2006