A Is For Adam

Ken and Mally Ham

1. Entertaining ABC Rhyme Book

You will fall in love with the Dodo bird. Everyone gets to watch this little character and his words of wisdom in this entertaining rhyme book. The first section consists of strikingly colorful illustrations, oftentimes very humorous, and a rhyme that teaches a very important foundational Biblical truth.

Younger children will enjoy just looking at the pictures and what they see tells it all! The whole Gospel message from Creation to the New Heaven and New Earth is obvious from the artwork alone. Older children, as well as adults, will enjoy reading the rhymes that go along with the drawings and they too will learn vital foundational truths.

Actually, the illustrations will speak to all age groups. Just look through the pages, and you will see what we mean!

2. Sunday School/Christian School/Home School/Home Devotional Teaching Book

The second part of this book contains notes for parents and teachers (and older children) that resembles a commentary on Genesis. Many unique concepts are discussed teaching the Gospel from Genesis and showing how foundational it is to the rest of Scripture.

At the end of the notes for each illustration, you will find student exercises that can be adapted for different age levels.

In the third part of the book, black and white drawings of each of the color illustrations shown in the first part of the book can be used for photocopying, etc. Feel free to copy these pictures and use them for hand-outs.

For teaching purposes, both the color illustrations and the black and white pictures can be made into overhead transparencies.

3. Coloring Book

The black and white pictures in the third section of the book can be colored by the children. This will help reinforce the Biblical concepts they learn as they read through the first part of the book. If you don’t want the children drawing in the book, then you can photocopy the pages for them.

We are praying that not only will children and adults be better equipped to understand and defend the Gospel, but many will come to know the Savior as a result of this book.

We sincerely thank everyone who contributed suggestions as we put this publication together. We especially thank Dan Lietha for his long hours of painstaking work to produce the outstanding paintings that are featured in this publication.

Dedicated to Mervyn Ham


This book is dedicated to our Dad, Mervyn Ham, who went home to be with the Lord June 9, 1995. A is for Adam was produced because of the legacy he left us—a love for the Word of God. Our father never had great earthly riches, but he left his six children (and children’s children) a spiritual inheritance more precious than silver or gold (Proverbs 13:22).

In his last hours, he told his family that life is all about “for and with.” If you live in this world, it is for Christ and when you die it is with Christ. This book stands firm on the inerrancy and authority of Scripture while presenting the Gospel message to children and adults. It is our prayer that lives will be changed for the Lord so many will know what it means to be “for and with” as our precious Dad declared.

Published: 9 February 2006