A 'long' note of gratitude.

If felt the need to write you a (long : -) note of gratitude for what can only be termed as a miraculous reawakening of faith that your ministry has brought into our home. I have been lied to all of my life by an anti-Christian humanistic education system and a sorely ambivalent and compromised church. It grieves me that 40 years of my life have been expended in a fog of untruth. Those lost years could have been better spent in an efficacious witness to the glory of our Heavenly Father based on the Truth of his holy Word. Instead they were wasted in bumbling confusion laced with a severe lack of confidence in my state, totally lacking in answers that would have saved me from countless sinful mistakes. A lifetime of battering by those who hate the Lord of my salvation kept me from the stability only found in the absolutes of God's precious Word.

Your ministry wakened me to the incredible beauty of Scripture and set me on a search for a true Bible believing church, where I have since been fed and nurtured to an unshakable faith in God's precious gift of grace. Where once I was assailed with confusion over which parts of the Bible were relevant and which were not, I now enjoy a clear vision of the incomparable harmony of his Word from the first to the last. For the first time in my life I am able to perceive his work in my life and in this world that I live in. I now finally see clear purpose and a straight path to follow - a road that started in Genesis and will not come to an end until we are gathered in His heavenly presence as promised in the Revelation. I feel abundantly blessed by the Lord our God, in the way in which he lovingly created us and in his everlasting guidance that has continued unceasingly through the ages.

I pray blessings on you as you continue your courageous ministry and stand in uncompromising support of your noble defense of God's Holy Word. Man's word is rife with deceptive half-truths that rob us of any true sense of reality. It is only through his Word, both written and in its manifestation in our Lord Christ Jesus that we can come to truly know our Creator and Redeemer. And without this knowledge we can have no hope of coming to know our own selves - our nature, our purpose, our duty, our obligation to our Maker and our future. Only through these understandings will we ever reach for the full armor that will both protect us and glorify our Lord.

When challenging times come to you at the hands of God's enemies take comfort in the knowledge that there are many like myself that hold you in our prayers continuously. I hold no doubt in my mind that God will sustain you and others of like mind as renewal spreads across the world in preparation for His glorious return. In the midst of ever-increasing persecution by those who would steal our minds we will stand together as the sleeping giant of His Body reawakens to renewed purpose. We will rejoice together as His will is done on earth and celebrate as one in His victory as is foretold in his Word.

V. Antaya

Editors Note: Thank you for your prayers of support. We do take comfort in the knowledge that people are praying for us.

Published: 2 February 2006