A 'missing link' in science conference!

A bulletin from the National Science Teachers Association is announcing NSTA's upcoming national convention in Orlando, Florida this April, and there is something quite revealing in reading through it. As we examined the workshop titles, we noted that while there are over 1300 workshops offered for teachers to upgrade their teaching skills, or to learn new ideas, evolution is hardly covered at all!

While we are not complaining, it is instructive to point out what prominent evolutionists have been declaring for so many years about the importance of evolution to understanding biology. (For example, The Kentucky Post on January 19 quotes Kentucky curriculum official Carol Hanley as stating that it would be hard to write a biology test without covering evolution.) You see, most evolutionists preach that their belief system is the "central concept of biology." But of the over 1300 workshops being presented in April, only 12 have anything to do with evolution! And this is the so-called "central concept of biology?" That's fewer than one percent of the workshops! If evolution is such a vital part of science, shouldn't there be hundreds of evolution workshops?

The idea of macro-evolution is not only scientifically bankrupt, but it should be pointed out that most of the founding fathers of science were creationists (many lived during the time of Darwin--and after), and their evolution-free thinking certainly didn't hinder their ability to make great scientific discoveries!

Published: 11 February 2006